Experiences with "Gut X" supplement?

well, i did go ahead and order Gut X and UPS swears up and down that they delivered it at 9:45 on Saturday. But they did not. They might have delivered to the wrong house but they insist they did not, despite the fact that i have security video that shows a very empty doorstep. Sigh. I will call 100x tomorrow and see if there’s anything they will do. But i really don’t want to have to pay for the same thing twice.

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UPS should be able to see what exact geolocation the box was delivered to. Have you asked any neighbors if they got it?

I have! And no one seems to have seen it. I’m still waiting on UPS to get back to me after I sent them footage with time stamps that shows no package or truck was at my house during that window. They claim someone signed for it–but only with the initials NS. So, no clue who that is

They are probably wondering what on earth they’ve got :slight_smile:

Does anyone know what is going on with GutX?

I’ve used it for close to a year now. It used to be cheap enough that even though I couldn’t really tell if it was working, I didn’t mind spending the money on it.

The price has remained the same but they have drastically reduced the size of the bottle. I’m reluctant to buy another bottle, as it doesn’t seem like the good deal it used to be.


It’s still listed as a gallon jug. Did you get it directly from them? What size bottle did you get? Did you call them and ask?

JB you’re right. I checked at the barn today and my current bottle is a gallon. It just looks so much bigger! Next step is to decide if it’s working or not :thinking:


For whatever it’s worth- we recently scoped several client horses, two of which were getting GutX. Both horses on GutX had significant ulcers. It’s possible the ulcers were present prior to starting the supplement, but one had been on it for a year. Just my (limited) experience.

ETA- both of these horses are on minimal grain rations and have forage available 24/7.

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Thanks for that info Equisis. That is helpful information.

Same here (1 horse).

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Thank you for the response @joiedevie99 and @Equisis. Definitely helpful. After a year on GutX, I don’t really feel like it’s doing anything at all for my horse. I have no proof, as he’s never been scoped. But I don’t feel like investing further on a product that doesn’t appear to be doing anything at all of value.

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My horse was on GutX as I stepped down his Omeprazole and then I kept him on it for a couple months after, hoping that would keep him happy in the stomach. Nope. The ulcers came back. He’s back on Omeprazole and Sucalfate. Didn’t work at all for me.

I did about a month on GutX and saw no change. :man_shrugging:

My mare had a tie up episode over a very stressful situation for her. We did a round of GG and we were going to do the 2 week taper dose that was delayed in shipping. On day 28 of GG my GutX arrived and I started it immediately mid December. I didn’t notice any difference until day 21 with the GG and was pretty p****d about the pharmacy delayed shipping but this GutX has made a huge difference with my mare. She gets a pump am & pm and, for the first time in the 9 years I’ve had her, she’s eating like a horse!

I have had my historically nervous/anxious, wood chewing, not easy to handle OTTB on GUT X for almost a year now. Horse has always had 24/7 access to hay or grass and is turned out 14-16hrs minimum daily. It took about 2 weeks to start noticing a difference. I initially gave him 2 pumps AM and PM for about 60 days. He is now on 2 pumps daily. He is a horse who I have noticed has a faster metabolism and requires larger amounts than normal of anything given to him despite being small to average in size. My farm sitter came out 4mos after starting GUT X and wanted to know what I had done differently with the horse as he was much more mellow and easier for her to handle. He was also easier for the chiropractor to adjust as he was holding on to less tension. His wood chewing habit has decreased significantly, although he still does it if bored out of habit even with ample hay/grass.