Experiences with "Gut X" supplement?

I made the mistake of clicking on a Facebook ad for the Ulcer supplement “Gut X” by “100XEquine” and since then I’ve been inundated by spam from that company…
Anyone has experience with this product?
(I am a little turned off by their “persistent” marketing practices but perhaps the product is worth it?)

Everything you click on FB sets up information by which advertisers know you clicked on their product/ad, and show you more of that product, and other advertisers can show you things related to what you looked at. It’s how the internet advertising world works. Everyone knows it takes multiple exposures to a product before most people buy, and even if they don’t buy, if they’ve seen a product multiple times, they’re more likely to recommend it to someone asking about that situation.

And now you’re here, looking for information, in a forum that comes up in internet searches :slight_smile:

I used 1 gallon of it, for a horse on bute. I used it as prevention, which makes it hard to say it did anything. I didn’t have any palatability issues, but know some people have. I know quite a few who say it’s made their ulcer-prone horses happier

Like any ulcer supplement, it’s a “you have to try it to see if it works for your horse”.

The HA does have scientific backing in helping improve stomach lining health, so it’s not just a random deal.


It works really well for my horse - the only supplement that actually helps to prevent ulcer flare ups for him. I have to feed at a rate higher than the performance dose to make a difference but it’s still less expensive than Alimend, etc.

If you can get past the marketing, the product is good. :wink:


I’ve been using it for my mare as a way of preventing her ulcers from returning. It’s very similar to Relyne, which my vet suggests, but not as expensive. I know many people who use Relyne long term after their horses recover from ulcers.

In terms of palatability, my mare turned her nose up the first time I added it so I started slowly and now she has no issues with it.

Is it helping? I hope so. I got her through the spring hunt season with a combination of Gut-X and sucralfate, along with alfalfa. We’ll see how the fall season goes. Anything to avoid another round of GastroGuard!


My vet has recommended Relyne for two different horses, but its expensive and this is similar. I decided to try my stallion on it since this is his first full show season and he can get anxious I’ve been very happy, and am on my 3rd gallon.

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I tried it though was dubious. I didn’t want to do longish term PPIs. Happy with the results but sold the horse. I have a new gallon if someone wants it PM me. Pay the shipping and it’s yours. Will say the company service was excellent but not creepy overbearing.


Thanks everyone!

I’ve been using both GutX and JointX for my guy who had quite bad ulcers for two years (after diagnosis- no telling how long he had had them before the first scope). He likes it and definitely has a greater spring in his step! I also use the JointX for myself and has made a big difference in the mobility and pain in my hands. I went on it for a month and then off of it, pain came back, poor grip strength, etc. and now that I am back on it, wowza. Thank you 100X!

Their nutritionist is great to talk to and ask questions of- give it a try.
Way cheaper than BI Gastro/UlcerGard products and the apparent issues with PPI in general.