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Exporting Mare to Europe Need Advice!

Hi guys. I’m bringing my mare with me to Denmark this fall and looking for a quarantine farm near the JFK export facility. When I was searching the web a few months ago I found a nice looking farm that even allowed the horses some turn out time in individual paddocks while under quarantine along with riding facilities. I can’t find it again and was wondering if anyone could suggest a farm they had quarantined at that they were happy with. I would love turn out for her and riding possibilities as she will need 30 days and I don’t want her wasting away or going stall bound mad just because I’ve decided to move abroad. Help! Thanks! Also would love to hear peoples experiences with the airlines. Ideally I’d like to accompany her as groom.

Have you determined what company will be shipping the mare or are you planning on handling everything yourself?

If you’re using a company for end-to-end delivery, they should be able to tap into appropriate quarantine facilities and know all the requirements needed.

I am shopping airlines and farm. I am looking for people experiences with companies and farm please. I know the requirements. Thanks!

While her experience was a few years back, maybe @Caol Ila can chime in.

I have arranged the shipping of lots of horses for clients over the years. For many to and from many parts of the world. The most interesting and difficult was from Russia in the early 90’s.

I did not “act” as the actual “shipping agent”, the liaison for the owner and or buyer and worked with the shipping agent/s As I am sure you know there is a fair amount of paper work involved, testing, etc. I am not sure if this can be done by a “private” person, owner.

The shipping agents handle all of this and are licensed to do so. Their “insider contacts” with officials on both sides of the export, import process can be invaluable if a “hiccup” should happen and they can and do happen I promise you. Which can keep the horse in limbo land for a long time.

The shipping agents have long term relationships with quarantine/testing farms. I never questioned where the horse/s was being sent/held. I worked with VERY valuable TB horses They were always sent and arrived in excellent condition.

The shipper I used the most is IRT, and a few with Horse France, but that’s not to say others are not as good.

I don’t believe you will be allowed to “visit” with your horse at the quarantine farm. If so you will have to jump through some hoops. Worth asking.

I was a flight groom a couple of times. Not a very enjoyable way to travel. The horses are far more comfortable. For the flight grooms it depends on the air craft. I flew on dedicated horse flights. Meaning the whole plan was filled/dedicated to horses.

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