extra large western cavesson

I have a very lrg QH, w/ a big clunky head. I can get some of the standard cavessons on him, but they are tighter than I want. I have been looking for an extra large, warmblood, or draft cavesson. Not finding squat. Plenty of bridles, w/o nosebands. plenty of tie downs - not what I want, & plenty of halter/bridle combos, also not what I want.

Does anyone know where I can get a larger than average western cavesson for this guy? Even if there is a brand that is listed as regular, but runs really big? Definitely want leather, not biothane or nylon.

Buckaroo Leather makes really nice stuff, and can make you whatever size you need. :smiley:


Cheney Tack makes lovely nosebands with tons Of adjustability and a bit on the large side. My 14hh QH’s have them adjusted the the tightest holes and there’s probably room for another 8 inches of adjustment over the crown and 4-5 around the nose.