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Face Masks--Liquid titanium

Just a heads up for anybody who wants to buy the Fenwick Face Masks.

Fenwick Farm is being sold. They are out of human products (SNIFF!!!), out of most saddle pads, and I, with my son’s help for two of them, just ordered the Face Masks with Ears in the sizes I do not own, small, large and X-large.

These Fenwick Face Masks work quite well with a lot of anxious horses. Since I ride other people’s horses I am now prepared. As my son was ordering for me we had to change the order some because some of the options are out of stock, and I presume are off the market forever unless another company makes them later on.

If you have been thinking about trying the Fenwick Face Mask you better hurry.

As far as I am concerned they are worth every penny I spent on them.

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So interesting issue. Saw horses wearing these at Full Gallop’s recognized on CC but someone was eliminated on CC at Queens Park for wearing the same thing. Are they legal in competition?

I have no idea about their legality since I do not show. I do know that they are extremely helpful, my riding teacher’s Arab gelding who saw large dangerous predators lurking behind every tuft of grass, bush or tree out on the trails acts like a sane, quiet horse while he wears his Fenwick Face Mask with Ears. If she forgets to put it on the monsters come back and hide to attack her poor gelding and he becomes a nervous mess startling at every noise and every leaf movement out on the trails.

The horses seem to like them (lowering their head angling their heads so I can get them on once the horse gets used to them) and that they have really helped me with getting ear and head shy horses become happier with having their heads messed with.

I am heartbroken to lose them as a Far Infrared therapy provider for horses and humans. I had bought a lot of stuff from them and now I really wish I had gotten a lot more stuff from them.

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Do the ear bonnets work as well as the face masks?

I’m afraid I do not know.

I got the Face Mask with Ears because in the winter I am in an outdoor ring without much in the way of wind blocks. I thought the horses would appreciate having warmer ears, and from what I’ve seen of people handling horses some people are all too ready to do an “ear twitch” when they need to get the horse’s attention. Two of the horses I’ve lessoned on at my stable were VERY ear shy and also head shy. The Fenwick fabric over the ears really helped and both horses were CURED of earshyness without much work on my part except to get the darn thing on the first few times. Now the horses cooperate, lower their heads and angle their heads as I put their ears in.

If I could not have a Face Mask with ears I would get their ear bonnets without any hesitation.

There were a few people who wanted to use these in Canada within the last few years, and I remember being told they were not legal on XC (or I think dressage, but allowed for stadium). If I’m remembering correctly, since we didn’t have an explicit EC rule, we had to fall back on FEI rules. I would imagine it’s similar in the US.

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I am SO HAPPY today!

The three face masks I ordered came today, just 2 days after I ordered them (I live in NC, Fenwick is in SC so they did not have to travel far.)

Then, not expecting anything to show up I hit the Apparel button, and today they have stuff for humans back in stock! I got their crew neck T-shirt, their pillow case, another Gaiter, and 4 of the Fenwick Head Bands (two for me and one each for my riding teachers since they deserve one).

I tend to be a depressive person. The Fenwick Head Band has been a great blessing to me, whenever I put mine on I stop being depressed and I cheer up. At $15.00 each it is the deal of the century for me, especially since NONE of the prescription anti-depressants work well with me. I really like all of the Fenwick stuff, the horses like it too, and personally the Fenwick Head Band is my favorite. I panic if I misplace mine and I feel so good after I find it and put it on. My results with this head band are immediate, I start smiling right away. It is the human version as far as effects go of their Face Mask for horses.

I hope this recommendation is not against Forum rules.