Facebook dressage horse sales pages

Dressage Trainers, North America still has horses being “showcased.”

I’m glad FB doesn’t allow animal sales when it comes to dogs so as to avoid giving a platform to BYBs. But I think it’s crazy to extend that to every animal possible, including horses, jumping spiders and aquarium fish.

Updating to say I’ve found a few more groups that have decent traffic and allow non-sale sales posts :roll_eyes:. I thought I’d share for anyone else buying/selling:

Horses for the Dressage Rider
Dressage Horses - Available Catalogue
Dressage Warmblood Horses Worldwide

Some of these are so clearly sales groups that it doesn’t seem like they will last long. While I understand the appeal of Facebook, I wish all buyers and sellers would switch to a platform that is properly searchable and where we aren’t all working around the rules and hoping we don’t get caught and shut down.

I’d look at the sales pages in eventingnation.com. Granted it’s for eventers, but who said you can’t find a dressage horse at an eventing barn?

I would not plan to find a lot of horses for sale on Facebook. They are purging a lot of accounts and a lot of pages and they don’t want animals sold on their site. We have been finding good prospects on the Warmblood Sales web site as mentioned earlier.

Does anyone else find the search functions on DreamHorse a pain due to the sheer level of granularity?