Facebook dressage horse sales pages

I know a LOT have been removed. I am wanting to post an ISO ad and can only find one that has over 5,000 members, “Dressage Horses Foal to GP”. Am I missing any?

Horses 4 Your Consideration has a Facebook page and Instagram. They showcase mostly dressage horses.

It’s now a webapp. They keep the Facebook page alive to direct traffic to the site from there, and, they feature horses on the site there daily. But the Facebook page no longer has or accepts listings.


Yes, this is true. I have tried using their web app but it still has a lot of bugs in it and leaves a lot to be desired at this point as far as the search options and the functionality of how to contact people. I have also been looking on the wb for sale classified page. There used to be so much activity on Facebook and of course it was pretty much taken away. I just want to make sure I wasn’t missing anything. But then I realized a lot of groups have gone private or secret and I don’t think those will show up with a search.

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I am not sure where you are located but I an on a sales page on facebook Dressage horses-west coast,

Looks like “Dressage Horses Foal-Grand Prix” has been deleted.

It just poofed overnight…too bad. I am beginning to hate facebook more and more.


FYI, Facebook is not just deleting the sale groups, they also suspend the personal accounts of the sale group admins -particularly in groups where admins screened posts. I used to be part of an admin team for a horse sale group that had started prior to Facebook generating their commerce policy that prohibited animal sales. Because our members urged us to keep the group up, we tried for a while to keep the group going. As Facebook started getting really aggressive about hunting down animal sale groups last fall, one of our admins was suspended from Facebook for 30 days and the other admins got warnings that we had approved posts that violated the commerce policy and we were at risk for suspension. That’s when we shut our group down. It just wasn’t worth the hassle.


My FB page was taken down by the Admins months ago for “suspicious activity” - never defined and I have been unable to get this resolved. Any ideas? I’ve messaged the Admins and tried to get back up or put up a new page - no luck!

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Without Facebook groups - where are dressage horses advertised?


Watmbloods-for-sale is the best site over all with easy search options. Dressage Market only has 38 horses advertised total. The new Horses 4 your Consideration is not easy to sift through.

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Facebook has become irrelevant, most content is worthless. I hardly look at it anymore.

Dressage Trainers, North America is the best nationwide group at the moment, but you have to be very careful to follow all of the rules about what you can and can’t say. Warmblood-Sales seems to be the best out there at the moment, short of just being facebook friends with people and seeing them post their own sale horses on their wall.

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I am finding out about FB- too bad as I found my last horse there. Besides Warmblood sales, where else do you look?




Dream Horse, Dressage Star are two websites. It is very fluid Dressage Daily used to have a lot, but not much now. If I were looking I would google dressage horses for sale, whatever state, and see what pops up, some will be individual trainers and sales barns. Also, would talk to trainers and see if they knew of any or had any contacts.

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I hope it’s okay if I bump this up from a few months ago. I was wondering where people are shopping now.

On Facebook, “Dressage Trainers, North America” is still active. I also found “North American Warmblood Horse Connection” and there’s “Warmbloods for sale 14.3-16hh NA” for the smaller horses. Are there any other good groups now?

As far as websites, there’s Warmbloods For Sale of course. Do people like Horses 4 your Consideration? It looks like it has about 130 horses in the US in the “dressage and eventing” category so at least some sellers are using it I guess. When I tried to search I got no results though, even when there were matching horses that I found browsing. Also when I clicked on photos to try to view them larger I got an error message that said, “horses4yc.com says data.” :roll_eyes: So, not super impressed so far.

I say this having found my wonderful horse through a FB sales page: I understand the frustration at these pages being taken down by FB, but I also understand and agree with the policy of banning live animal sales. It’s too easy for live animals, especially small animals, to meet a bad fate. People successfully bought and sold dressage horses for many, many years prior to the advent of social media. FB made it easier, for sure, but it’s not impossible to find a horse without it.

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Facebook - it’s just a lot harder - (and word of mouth). There aren’t many active sales pages left. People are posting their sales horses on their own personal walls, or their business walls. Some are public, others are not. You have to have a big network of friends to see them, or just do lots of searching/following dressage businesses in your area.

And if you have a good personal network, posting a public ISO add on your own wall can get good results.