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If you are an eventer (or even if you’re not) you need to check out this page. Eventing fails sent in by riders. Seeing them makes you feel like normal!!! :rofl:

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I love this page and yes, I have contributed!

I was invited and some posts are just hilarious, but a few contributors - I felt myself morph into the old lady clutching her pearls! Some of them legit have no clue how to ride but still go jump 4’ at full speed. I actually lived in the UK and rode at a local yard with a mix of good and shite riders. They just have no fear! I turned down invitations to fox hunt there because even in my 20s, I didn’t want to die!

I know shite happens, but, it should be the exception, not the rule. And obviously the page is intended to be a compilation of those shite days/exceptions, but some posts are compilations of a single rider, or show a course where every jump has me going, “OMG,” not just the “one” where they fall off. I won’t comment on the page about how they might actually need to take a lesson or go back to groundpoles, as that’s not the intent. I am having legit fun with some of the posts, but others make me a tad sad for the rider and especially the horses with the truly shite riders. Some of them need an intervention! Anyone else, or am I just a stick in the mud?


I have a good laugh at the majority of posts, but I find some of them super off-putting. I enjoy that the theme of the group isn’t to offer riding tips, no matter how badly they may be needed, but there was a post the other day that had two horses falling because of an incredibly unsafe and trappy fence design, and the post had a real ‘lolz’ tone to it that turned my stomach.


I feel the same way as the majority of the posters in this thread.

There were some truly hilarious posts that really aren’t “shit riding” but just funny “things horses will do posts,” like a horse new to dressage who did an entire perfect dressage test–all at the canter, refusing to trot. The horse wasn’t scary or of control, which is what made it so funny. He was doing all the motions, just…all at a very nice canter.

There was also a child on a pony in a w/t/c class and the child could obviously ride, but the pony was going SO FAST, literally racing every single pony in the arena. Again, under control but VERY FAST. Plus the “usual” green horses jumping ground poles like liverpools (ridden by people prepared for greenie silliness), or people who have seriously ANGRY faces while jumping, that are funny to see.

But there are also quite a few posts that make me genuinely worried for the safety of the rider after the fall, or horses and rider who just seem to be jumping way too much, with far too little guidance.


Yeah, I can enjoy a few funny posts. But I will not label myself a “shiteventer”. Don’t want to risk thinking it into reality! :rofl:


I liked the one who got on the road to the event and then realized the horse was not in the trailer.


I got all the way to the barn yesterday before realizing I was still dressed to go grocery shopping and did not have any riding clothes OR outerwear suited to the 5 degree weather.


some of the ones where the horses are just bucking around and the caption is like, “he’s such a patchy twat” or whatever just make me sad!!! get that twat’s back x rayed!!!


I enjoy most of the posts. I seriously cringe at any of the carriage driving ones. The one with the small pony who went over/through a couple jumps with a cart- yikes! So dangerous!


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I was being constantly invited to this page, kept telling myself no. As I do have a fragile confidence I didn’t want to be staring at people falling off. I somehow managed to get sucked in. Some are absolutely hilarious, some are absolutely cringeworthy and if there is a big story, I just don’t read it.

I need it to be light and funny, some I definitely fear for the rider.

I have contributed my famous fall into the water though, Rubber Ducky Award Winning fall :smiley:


I cannot look at the page, it upsets me quite a lot. Seeing horses jabbed in the mouth and bad riding with no self awareness. Its the paradox of riding I guess, we learn through making mistakes which essentially impact another. Not quite like falling off a balance beam in gymnastics or falling over playing hockey which only impact you.

I get the premise that not everyone is amazing but for me there is a vast difference between the now rare funny moments like a horse rolling in water or doing a spook and the increasing terrible riding clips where confidence is being chipped away on the horse or it is being yanked in the mouth.


I know we’re not supposed to comment on unsafe stuff there but the woman who fell off running barrels a DAY after a C section was… an idiot.


I hate horse falls. I joined that group but I don’t really pay attention because I feel sick half the time looking at the pics.


I know where you’re coming from, but you’ll have to keep in mind that a picture is a second in time, I’m sure the rider has most likely released quite quickly and rewarded the horse for saving their A$$. No one is perfect and if you’ve never caught your horse in the mouth, then I envy you. I think we all thrive to be the best we can be and not harm our horses. but S#!t happens.


I must admit that that group makes me shriek with laughter. My favourite posts are in the ‘dressage gone wrong’ category, because anyone can fall off jumping but it takes particular skill to royally f**k up a dressage test (and yes, I have that skill). I also remember one memorable photo of the backside of a horse as it ran out of frame, with the rider’s legs suspended parallel to the saddle in mid-air over it. :laughing: And I love love love the CTV footage of people falling out of their cars when they have only just arrived at the stables!

The photos of horses crashing into jumps make me full body cringe though.


Funny at first, then just… I don’t know… kind of bitchy. Just not pleasant to read, for me.

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I stumbled onto them early on and have been amazed at how fast the group grew. Love that there is a place on FB where I can go and have a laugh and not worry about politics and snarky t*atwaffles!

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