Fairfax Girth - worth it?

Just had the saddle fitter out to reflock my saddle and they let me try a fairfax performance short girth and I really liked it and so did my horse. He seemed to move a bit freer but of course the price tag has me a little hesitant. Also - horse could have moved better because of the saddle reflocking - hard to know if it was just the girth (I did try with both my girth and the fairfax - seemed to move better with the fairfax girth).

Has anyone used one?

Since getting a dressage saddle I got a cheap shoulder relief girth - I’m wondering if something like the Le Mieux Gel Tek girth would be a good alternative. Otherwise I may stalk eBay for a fairfax…

As a former saddle fitter, I’d assume it’s the reflock. I won’t say that with 100% certainty since I didn’t see your tack or horse before/after, but that’s probably the case. Now if your old girth is cracked, in bad condition or if it pinches/galls your horse, then I’d take it all back. After trying many expensive (TSF, Passier, etc) girths over the years, I have the Ovation Airform girth. It’s usually around $40, is antimicrobial, SS buckles, shaped and wide enough without being huge with elastic at both ends. Whenever students ask what I recommend, I tell them about this. No one has ever come back saying it didn’t work for any reason.


I tried the Fairfax and my mare really liked it; however, I purchased the Prolite instead because it was so much more affordable.

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There was a recent thread on this and it didn’t get great reviews.

I bought a lemieux gel/leather girth instead as I was looking at FF and WOW, it is soooo nice and squishy. My horses love it. I love it. I bought another for my other horse and will be getting a third soon!

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Fairfax girths are spendy, but they last. And last. And last. I use both the Fairfax and Prolite girths. Both Fairfax and Prolite claim that the girth design increases stride length, joint mobility, and shoulder freedom. You can get the wool liner for extra comfort, it fits both the PL and FF. I prefer the PL because I can hose it off :smiley:

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not only more affordable, but it seems softer on the edges. The Fairfax is quite stiff.


Well I purchased a Prolite and moved it along as I thought it was very hard and stiff.

My PRE loved his Fairfax, but it hasn’t held up as well as I’d hoped. Still totally useable, but the leather is pitting on the outside. I wish it were bigger, as it doesn’t fit any horse I currently ride.

Thanks everyone - I hadn’t heard of the prolite option! Seems like the best of both worlds to me.

Prolite was total game changer for me worth the $100

Haven’t tried the prolite but use the Stubben Equisoft and it was a game changer for us - so I am now a convert from non-believer to believer that girths really can change the way a horse rides.

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The prolites seem to crack over time pretty significantly.

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hmm… have not had that experience but only one horse so…

Another vote for the Stubben EquiSoft. Every horse I’ve used it on (Intro - 3rd, and a variety of breeds) has moved more freely in it.

The Fairfax girth was a secret weapon for the GB equestrian team in the 2012 Olympic games. Once released on the open market, many manufacturers copied the original idea. This suggests that girth design does make a difference and that there is a demand.

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I’ve been using Fairfax girths since they first came on the market. My girthy mare is not girthy with the Fairfax. The original ones had a stiffer leather that eventually did crack. They have the prolite material inside of the girth. The newer ones (I got one last summer) are much softer. I also have a Stubben Equisoft. Have used both on the same horse and the horse seems to prefer Fairfax (which is why I eventually got a second one.

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We have several very old, VERY well used prolites and have had no issue with cracking.

I’ve been using a Fairfax with a sheepskin cover on my mare for the last two years, and it works well for her as she needs an anatomic girth. I bought it used on eBay for like $200 with one girth cover, so the price was way more palatable. However, it’s a little big for her, so my younger WB will inherit it, and I’m giving the LeMieux Gel-Tek a try. I posted a thread about that girth here a couple weeks ago but didn’t get any responses. Went ahead and ordered and it just shipped from the UK. Will post an update when I get a chance to try it, but it looks to be very similar in shape, and has just a bit of elastic, unlike the Fairfax.

Didn’t get the Prolite because I’ve read about them being stiff in cold weather, and I don’t want to be wrestling a board when I’m trying to ride on a 15F morning.

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My sensitive snowflake approves of his Fairfax girth, even over other shaped models. He likes it even more when it’s encased in LeMieux’s sheepskin Fairfax girth cover. The girth is several years old now and looks practically brand-new. I condition it regularly with Fairfax’s recommended product, Rapide Leather Gel, a sample of which comes with every Fairfax product purchase.

mine is a year old used 6 days a week no cracking yet, I hose mine off after each use and hang to dry