Fall May Be Over

It is pretty brisk here today after the last few weeks of 60f or above. We have gotten in quite a bit of driving, working the young horses, during the nice days. Our Driving Club had terrific weather the last Sunday of October, for a fun drive day. A neighbor to the Club president opened his property for us to drive on. Lovely farm of MANY acres, neatly mowed trails thru colorful woods, along a small river, thru old hayfields on hills. Several loops that were WELL marked (we got lost last year) as options to drive on.

Husband has the horses pretty fit, so no worries about them “running out of gas” on longer trails. It was so much fun being outside, zooming along. Horses were eager to see new trails and very forward. Also willing to slow and walk when asked. They are improving and like trail driving. Leaves were dry, a bit deep which added a whooshing sound driving thru the trees. Husband figured we did 5-6km and only met 2 other drivers of the 20 some attendees. Guess we were quite spread out! There was a potluck back at the president’s farm when we finished.

Getting all the other moving, sorting, cleaning up finished before winter. The good days were distracting, sure did not feel like end of Oct or first of Nov! Usually those 2 weeks are cold with lots of rain. We did get strong wind and rain all day Sat the 5th. Wind took down most of the leaves, the rest of the free apples from the neighbor’s tree. We sat inside resting from our labors! Ha ha

Husband was the trail marker for the picnic, headed back over to work with a friend to pull the many markers and put them away today. Friend could only do it today and predictions say “colder” all week. They did get compliments on using many markers, much easier to stay on the routes! The land owner seemed to really enjoy watching carriages go by that day. We thanked him profusely for letting us visit, just a beautiful place.

Luckily there was no return of the “Buzzard Hazard”, a natural (road kill between the two farms) obstacle we had last year. Everyone got by, but the horses were looking at the fluttering Buzzards pretty hard!! They are BIG! Ha ha

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Glad you had a great Possible Last Drive :+1:
Club tried on Friday 11/4, when forecast promised same as preceding 2 days that had sunny & 70s!
We met at a local State Park that keeps trails mowed & clear d, wide enough for carriages.
No such luck.
Started out overcast, but not too chilly - mid-60s - but as we pulled out if the parking lot, the skies opened :cloud_with_rain:
I hadn’t brought Bugs, as FGS had my trailer.
I rode with Stan, you may remember him from Topeka (he bought the wreck loaded on the flatbed), we got soaked, but not too chilled & rain did let up.
We had a short 1h+ drive, 5 carriages, 9 members. Then adjourned w/trailers to a nearby restaurant.
Weather relented Wednesday & Thursday this week. Back near 70 & sunny.
Trailer was returned, BUT, I was waiting for a fenceguy. Who called late to reschedule. :unamused:
So I missed that drive.
Joke is on fenceguy, who’s now coming tomorrow, when forecast “high” is 33 for his 9A ETA, 41 by 2.

I’m probably done driving for this year.
Unless a miraculous warmup happens :pray:

Me & Stan getting wet:

Rain has been going around us. Pretty dry on top with moist dirt under, no mud here. No puddle or ditch water. Your drive looks like fun! One Club’s Annual meeting yesterday, with plans for various kinds of drives next year. Members seemed enthused! We also do some overnight campout during summer and fall. This club being State-wide, we can’t gather as easily as your group of friends. But the other club has permission for members to drive on the president’s farm most any time. 60 miles, one way for us, so we drive more at home. Hayfield has been getting a workout recently!

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