Farm dog with injured paw

One of my dogs has broken one of his claws, he has been seen by the vet and they removed the broken claw, gave him antibiotics etc, the trick now is how can I keep a bandage on his paw? I tried a cone to keep him from licking but I find it impossible for him to get around at all- he’s a big guy and our house is small and old (everything it’s it’s own separate room doorways everywhere) he just stands there with his head down shaking because every time he tries to move around the cone hits something. I have been keeping him inside so he can’t chase anything etc and that is already torture for him lol. I will of course cone him if I can’t work out anything else, but I was hoping a bandage might do the trick instead. I have tried gauze with vet wrap etc but everything just slips off after he gets up and down a couple of times. I can keep a foot bandage on a horse but no clue how to keep one on a dog :joy:

Elastikon or white bandage tape at the top of the bandage (taping it to the leg) will keep it from slipping off.


Once you figure out how to keep the bandage physically secured, you could try a layer of no-chew vet wrap on top. I’ve gotten it on Amazon before; it certainly wouldn’t stop a very determined chewer but might be enough to get your guy through the beginning of healing while you keep an eye on him.

I used a section of panty hose on a big dog’s rear leg before… bandaged the foot, then pantyhose over it and it stayed on reasonably well.

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A Google search brought up this from Tractor Supply:

Perhaps an option if it’s going to take a while to heal?

No chew vet wrap and BitterYuck did not keep my mare from gnawing off her bandages. However Napalm ( Rap Last) does the trick. But I would NOT spray it in the house or get downwind of it. It also burns if it gets on your face. But it works!

Try the donut or cradle type neck collars, come in all sizes and work better than a cone:


Definitely Elastikon. Just get the bandage right the first time. Once it’s on it’s on. Good news is the blood supply is great and when my Corgi did this it healed very quickly. Good luck sorted it out. Poor guy, the first few days my guy was convinced he.could.not.walk. Then he was good as new in a week.

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