Farm-warming gift ideas?

One of my besties just bought a big beautiful farm to keep her three horses. The property has a large old historic barn plus an indoor arena that will be sectioned off to construct 4 stalls + grain room and tack room (construction should be complete in Nov). I would like to get her a generous gift ($500-$1500ish) that will be either practical or something nice that she wouldn’t have bought for herself. I would love to hear any ideas from you guys! TIA!

A check so she can pick what she really wants and a professional rain gauge, measures accurately rain and snow.
When we want to give a present of sizable value, consider that a check is hard to beat, along with a nice smaller gift.
I have done that and been very gratefully thanked for both, said they were best presents:


Question, is she putting stalls in the indoor, leaving room to still ride in there?

I ask because this design was very popular years ago. Stalls at one end or along one wall, using the arena for riding with stalled horses. However it caused a lot of lung issues in the horses over time from the contant dust exposure. No fixing lungs. Dust in the air all the time is not real good for people either.

On paper it looks like a good layout, easy to use. Doesn’t work well in real life. Around here the arena stalls got removed, put in added-on barn wing that can be closed off from the arena to prevent dust breathing by horses.

For a gift? Perhaps a chain harrow to use inside or out.


How interesting! Yes, this is the configuration she is using; though she does have a door that can close off the indoor from the barn. I share this with her. Thank you!

Is she buying a tractor or such? You can buy her a gift card for where she is buying that equipment.
Does she want mats for the aisle? Those are expensive and would probably make a nice gift.
Fencing materials.
Trough and trough heaters.
Grooming equipment for the ring footing.
Accessories for her ring (if she jumps for example, you can buy her some jumps).
I have not priced them but maybe an auto-waterer for the turn-out?

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I second stall mats as wonderful but if she’s not quite so practical maybe a custom weathervane? I dear friend of mine gave me a Corgi weathervane for my first barn. It has adorned each subsequent barn.

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I absolutely LOVE this. It has made my life so much easier and it’s a very safe feeding option

Oh, a set of nicely painted jumps would be a lovely gift!

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Does she have a sign for the farm at the front entrance yet? A gift card to a local sign maker would be a lovely gift idea, and it would allow her to customize it to her liking.

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I’d go with a generous gift card to your local feedstore, farm store (like Rural King or Farm & Fleet - TSC around here has become more gifty, less farmy) & maybe supplement with heated buckets* for the stalls & fill each with a different horse treat (unless you know what her horses like).

*these have been gamechangers for me here in the frigid Midwest.
Cost me under $40 when I bought them 18yrs ago, now $50+.
They stay in stalls year-round, unplugged (if I remember :roll_eyes:) in warm weather.

Can you be my friend?

I do think a generous gift card to a local farm supply store is most beneficial.

Although I do like the idea of something decorative: a farm sign, a weather vane, a nice mailbox, etc.


When my barn moves (finally) I’m thinking about giving him ~100 daffodil bulbs. I may add in some Black-Eyed Susan’s as well. Not quite the same situation as your friend, since this is a commercial operation with a good bit of road frontage.

Daffodils are low maintenance after they are planted and always make things so more inviting in the spring, when everything else is still dead & wet.

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How about a battery powered chainsaw and/or pole saw? I love mine - they’re not quite as strong as the massive Stihl gas powered saw we have but they start every time and can cut anything I need to cut for as long as I want to cut (the batteries last about the same amount of time as I do when cutting things). I have a Greenworks pole saw and a Makita chainsaw. The Makita package I bought came with two extra batteries, so one could keep cutting all day if they desire.

A couple of apple and pear trees too.