Farrier School or Courses?

I am looking for a school that has a great farrier course. I already have a BS in another field so this would be considered furthering my education. My goal is to be able to shoe/trim my own (future and friends) horses and then maybe have a few clients on the side. I know it’s hard work and it’s tough to make a comfortable living out of it. I’ve looked at Meredith Manor but I’m not sure about it. The farrier’s in my area all seem to just know what to do and don’t really mention any schooling. An apprenticeship would be awesome too!
Any advice would be great! Thanks!

My farrier went to Cornell. Actually, through an undergraduate program there and then through the farrier program. The farrier program at Cornell still seems very popular and highly regarded. I am not a fan of Cornell’s current resident farrier, but I do think their program is of quality.