Farrier wanted

My farrier is leaving me. I’m devastated. He’s awesome. Applications being accepted now for new farrier. I’m in New Zealand. 46yrs old, single. A few horses, but only one cat.


NZ immigration requirements are extremely rigorous. Could a farrier qualify? Asking for a young friend who is currently working on mules, donkeys, drafts, and horses.

No advice, just hugs. This is something that’s been on the back of my mind too. My farrier has been cutting down on clients to focus on his family. At this point I know he only keeps me on the roster because he likes me. He’s cut some seriously high dollar clients out of his rotation and I stress regularly about what I’d have to do without him.

My incredibly thoughtful leaser bought me a hoof trimming set last Christmas. I’ve been very slowly chipping away at learning how to trim myself. Committing to the first stroke was the hardest for me. Could this be an option for you if your guys are barefoot?

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I am sure you asked but can he recommend someone else? Farriers out here tend to know one another and also the kind of work they do.

Can your horse vet recommend anyone? So awful having to find a new farrier!


I am not familiar with the horse owner psyche in NZ, but here in my part of the USA there are 2 questions that few owners will readily answer if there is any way to avoid responding.

(1) where do you get your hay? (2) who is your farrier?

My best information sources are the local tack shops and just eavesdropping when I am at horse activities.


Really? Why is that?

Several of my best farrier’s have come from fellow horse owners who shared the info when I asked. My current farrier is not taking new clients ( at least he wasn’t) but I would still give out his name to someone who asked me. It is up to him to take on more business or not.

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Concern is that as the farrier’s business grows, he might start to restrict his client list. Why risk the chance of being on the list of old clients left behind, like the OP.? My own very busy farrier has been paring back his list of clients beyond a particular driving distance of his home base. That is good business practice - shorter drives, more shoes, and increased income…If asked, I give out his name. but don’t volunteer the information. And like you I will then add a warning about how busy he is, so maybe you should look elsewhere. Don’t mess with the availability of my farrier, my vet, or my hay supply.

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Surely marriage would help? I’m volunteering as tribute. I take my horse’s pedicures very seriously.


Sadly I have spinal damage and trimming my own isn’t an option.

He is compiling a list, but I’m trying to be pro-active.

This is how I am too. But then, I am also the type who will give someone who asks the name of the place I get my hay too.
I am frequently shocked at the number of horse people who refuse to share this type of information.


My friend is an amazing woman who is happily married; however, both she and her DH are adventure seekers --she spent the summer breaking horses in WYO and he is a guide for big game in Canada and the US --she was dissatisfied with the farrier who worked on her rough string and decided to go to school and learn to do it herself. There she learned that many farriers will not trim mules or donks, or drafts so she made that her goal --but of course she does horses too.

I am too. If you have ever been in the position of needing good hay or a good farrier and can’t find either, I wouldn’t wish that on anyone!

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I’ll accept dating site suggestions to look for a farrier :stuck_out_tongue:

It might be misconstrued when you ask “How long’s your rasp?” or quiz them on their nailing techniques.

I’m desperate, will try anything.

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