Fave full seats similar to Ovation Euroweave DX?

My old pairs of Ovations are getting tired. Now they make a style called “Celebrity Euroweave”, but are they the same? Some style details look different. For those of you who love Ovations, are there any other moderately priced full seats that offer the same great fit for the average body type, sz 30? Solid, wear-like-iron fabric that moves/breathes, 3-season so not too thin, shiny, revealing? Mid-rise for the 40yr+ lady? I got a pair of SmartPak Hadley’s. The fit was good, but the fabric felt “rubbery” and thin. And once you start sweating, the crotch drops and I’m constantly tugging them up :frowning: Thanks in advance!

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Are they silicone full seat? try Ariat trifactor. I love these.

No, I haven’t moved to silicone, I’m a faux suede gal. I’m sure I’d like them in general, but I’ve also heard silicone may not hold up well over the long term.