Fave place to buy eventing gear?

For everything from rider’s clothes to open-front boots, what are your favorite places for y’all to buy things?

Honestly, Facebook :joy: if you know what size/brand you need there is a good chance someone is selling it and you’ll save at least a few $$.

Otherwise, at least when it comes to apparel I’m a SmartPak fan for their sized items return policy. And Farmhouse Tack cause they are only a few hours from me so my orders arrive quickly :slight_smile:


ridingwarehouse.com for speed (they’re near me) or smartpack.com - both have great returns policies.

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Nunn Finer! John Nunn is an eventer and it shows! https://www.nunnfiner.com/

John used to own Bit of Britain but he sold it and my experience was very different after the sale.

Also a fan of Strafford Saddlery in VT (which has a big enough parking lot to pull in w our oversized 4 horse head to head for retail therapy on the way to VT events). Very knowledgeable staff many of whom know our sport. They also do business online. https://www.straffordsaddlery.com/

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Nothing beats a good local tack shop if you have one. I used to have one near me that had really cute clothes, beautiful saddle pads I’ve never seen from SmartPak or Dover, and a great consignment section where you can tack to try for cheap. I’ve saved a lot of money by moving further away from that place…lol

I get a lot of stuff here.