Favorite anatomic bridle?

New horse needs new bridle. He currently goes in a cob size anatomic snaffle bridle. Whats your favorite and why?

I’ve had a bunch: PS of Sweden, Schockemohle, Kavalkade, Passier, Smartpak. I think the fit is more precise, so which one I prefer depends on which horse it fits best. Current horse is going great in Kavalade Ivana - he has really prominent cheek bones and that bridle does the best job of staying back off them.

Jagger is a cob sized PRE. Do you have a suggestion? He is currently in an HDR I think.

My cob size PRE wears Vespucci bridles, but they aren’t super anatomical. Kavalkade runs big, so I’m not even sure their cob would fit him. I’d probably try Schockemohle.

Check out this thread. If you’re willing to wade through it, there are lots of reviews of various anatomical bridles.



affordable and great quality!

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when I checked that site the other day they were out of stock. (and he is NOT a cob, he is horse sized, but ALMOST cob, like so many Iberians.

My favorite anatomic bridle is THIS ONE!! It just came today. My talented artistic friend wove the cover, polished the stones and crafted a noseband surround and browband surround.

She made it for one of my mustangs (Steve) that she kinda fell in love with. Now, he’s not in a bit yet, but goes in a bitless pretty well. Here he is modeling but i didn’t tighten the noseband …just buckled it on the first hole.


i want to show off this artwork by my friend a little bit more…Photos are just not doing this work of art by Anita Lyte Williams justice. Mustang Steve is modeling his new anatomical bridle (there is no bit in it yet, and the nosband is buckled very loosely) but even with all that… This is THE . Most . Spectacular bridle i’ve ever seen! One of a kind, made just for him, by a real artist! Anita chose the colored cord, WOVE the strap, she tumbled the stones and then…placed them, secured them exactly where they should be. On both the browband and on the noseband. They are hematite stones and are just so exactly sized and harmoniously positioned!! And look at how the ends are bound and secured to the leather!!! What you cannot see is the satin backing that she hand sewed with the smallest, most regular stitches!! I cannot believe how lucky Steve is to get to wear this beautiful bridle. And how lucky I am to have such a talented friend!!