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Favorite Bell Boots?

I do barrel racing/gymkhana and am going to be getting a pair of bell boots for my horse. What is your favorite brand of them?

Also, I would prefer a pair that aren’t rubber - thanks :slight_smile:

You already asked this question?


I had asked if anyone would recommend using bell boots/if they thought they were necessary, not what everyone’s favorite brand was. I don’t think anyone had commented their favorite brand/what they use.

I know you said you didn’t want rubber.
I actually prefer the rubber ones, the Italian rubber ones from Smart Pak are my favorite.

Classic equine no turn bell boots are my bell boot of choice. I think they do the best job of protecting the bulbs of the heel and the back.of the pattern.

If you’re wanting a high-end, therapeutic set, highly recommend Back on Track’s Royal more budget friendly and for the horses that may go through pairs more frequently the Pro’s Choice or Weaver Ballistic do the job.