Favorite everyday tall boots? new Mountain Horse has front zipper.... doesnt fit

I love my old MH boots. But they are about at the end of their life. New MH dressage boots have a front zipper and I cannot get my foot into it - high arches. So sad! What are your fav daily use boots? Not a fan of Ariat, they are generally tight on my toes and dont hold up so… others? Opinions on Tredstep?

I’ve tried Tredstep a few years back and found they fit well but were too small in the ankle. You might look at DeNario and the Suedwind? I have not tried those but they look nice. I’ve stuck to cheaper boots just because I didn’t want to spend a fortune. Ovation are nice, I bought a pair of the Ovation Flex Sport Field boots, nice boots but I should have gone a half size bigger, length is a bit snug (even though I did go up a half size). I’ve got a pair of Ariat Vortex coming to try, agree with you they don’t hold up but I don’t ride hard enough to wear them out, they are one of the few boots whose sizes fit best.

I have had many different sorts of tall boots, particularly for winter and cold weather. I think my favorite now are the Dublin Pinnacle boots. The reason being, they don’t have zippers (which always fail eventually in my experience), but rather a pull tight lacing system. They may be a bit bulky for riding for you depending (I do ride in mine), but I would see if there are other manufacturers that use this lacing system rather than zippers.

I also have high arches, BTW, and have found using a long shoe horn helps a lot with sliding your foot in. (My foot seems to get caught where the heel wrinkles and collapses).