Favorite footwear for walking and riding

My husband and I just purchased our first LQ trailer and are going to start camping with the horses. I normally ride in cowboy boots but I know if I need to walk out for any reason on a long ride I will be miserable in them. What do you all like for all day in the saddle that you can comfortably hike in as well??

I ride in La Sportiva trail running shoes. I do have cages on my stirrups though so no worry about feet going through

I ride and hike in trail running shoes, right now some New Balance (I have wide feet). What is best for you will just be determined by fit, you could try some at a sporting goods or camping store. I also ride in caged stirrups for safety.

If you still want a heel I’d try the Ariat Terrains, many people like them. And have fun!

Based on comments on another site I ordered some Ariat All Terrain pull on boots…hopefully I like them. I do have some Ariat short boots but I prefer something taller or my saddle fender catches and it drives me crazy!

I’ve tried many different ones over the years, but the ones I always come back to are my Ariat Terrains. I have wide feet and bunions. I lace the Ariats loosely and don’t tie them all the way up, so that in the event of a fall and stirrup snag they would come off. (I am a catastrophizer.)

They are reasonably water resistant, comfortable and supportive for walking/hiking, breathable and cool enough for hot summer riding in Texas, accommodate wool socks for cold weather riding, and they wear like iron. I am currently riding in a pair of them that are 15 years old. I also have a brand new pair just waiting for these old ones to wear out but they may not ever. :slight_smile:

They let your ankles bend nicely, which helps for long rides. I can “let all my toes smile”, which was an expression my grandfather used for a desirable shoe fit. Highly recommend!


I wear Roper “Horse Shoes” for everyday riding, and they are fine for walking too.(Ariats don’t fit my wide feet).

I’m another one who rides in trail running shoes and I also have caged stirrups.

Ariat Terrain lace-ups, size ladies 9W. (State Line Tack is the only place that has the Wide width – and they are gradually running out.)


I also use the Ariat Terrain for walking, riding and everything in between. Sadly they don’t make them big enough in a women’s size so I get mens which fit just fine. My feet aren’t wide, just big.


Ariat Terrain lace-ups here, as well.

Riding, hiking, walking, standing around… I love them.


I used to love Ariat Terrains but the last couple of pairs I had literally fell apart in less than a year. Has anyone else been having that issue?

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When I had the non-waterproof ones, at around a year old they would start cracking and falling apart on the side about where your toes connect to your foot. My H2O waterproof version still has this problem, but they last many years before it starts.


I had a pair I bought of EBay many years ago. When they finally fell apart I went looking for a new pair, and just hated the feel of them (and the price) I mean I don’t mind paying for comfortable feet, but just couldn’t see them lasting…

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Hubby and I wear Ariat Terrains the waterproof version. They are a few years old and in great shape! Mine are in the worst shape as they are my daily work, walk, and rider, but still very usable. Just looking a little rough (mostly because they are covered in clay). No cracks or other damage. I’m thinking about getting another pair just so I have a work/muck shoe and a riding/daily wear one.

I had issue with the newer Terrains falling apart. Now, I use trail running shoes (and caged stirrups).

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That’s what I’ve gone to also. And now I’ve got trail running-trail running shoes, riding trail running shoes, road running shoes lol. Maybe I need to take up ride and ties too lol

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On second pair of Ariat Terrains. The first pair had an eyelet pull out.

Yes. I’m on the third pair in a row that the toe has separated in less than a year. I won’t be buying any more.

The Ariat Terrain I bought looked beat up after a week of barn use and we didn’t even have any rain or mud, just dust.

I know this thread is a little old, but since everyone was recommending Ariat Terrains, I thought I would throw in Blundstones – but not the normal one – the one with the heel. My Terrains are super comfy but not that attractive. The Blundstones are very attractive and I could hike in them from Day One. I keep one pair for the barn and one pair for “non-barn, but casual” events.