Favorite George Morris Quotes

We are looking for your favorite George Morris quotes for a piece that we are working on here at The Chronicle of the Horse. Please share your favorites with us.

“I’m going to teach you about men. Distances are like men. Never grab the first one you see; it’s never the best one, more will come along.”

“Are you yawning? You don’t ride well enough to yawn. I can yawn, because I ride much better than you; Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum can yawn. But you? Not so much!” Cracks me up every time! LOL

Why are you smiling? Riding is not about fun.

“What am I looking for? Your talent my dear”.

There is already a thread below for the same thing-maybe you should combine them.

“Hospital or get back on. Hospital or on!”

to my pre-teen daughter year’s ago:
“Where’s your belt? You can’t ride without a belt.”

to me:
“Do you have any more horses like this at home?”

“You are a good rider”.

He said this to me last year.

Unfortunately, I was asleep at the time, and dreaming.

to me: you have a stupid, silly female brain!
me: hysterical giggling…
GM: a long stare, then I like you!

“If the jump crew doesn’t move, ride right at 'em - they’ll scatter.”

(said tongue in cheek, people - Tryon clinic, June 2013)