Favorite good-looking durable gloves

I’m on the lookout for a pair of durable, yet good looking gloves for moderate weather (not frigid winter, not dead of summer) for schooling or ideally, for both schooling and showing in the hunters. Most gloves I own quickly get holes in the fingers, even if I avoid using them for grooming/tacking. What gloves are your favorites?

I use ski glove liners from the outdoor equipment store. They are fleece inside, smooth outside, with silicon palm grips. I have some by North Face, Firefly, etc. I find they last longer than the similar thing from equestrian brands.


I second ski gloves for the dirty work (grooming, stall cleaning, etc).

I also have the SSG 10 Below gloves and LOVE them, but they’re a bit pricier than ski loves. Well worth it.

I’m in the PNW and to be honest, the only gloves I’ve really ever ridden in are the Roeckls, and I JUST got the winter ones for the first time (I’ve been riding for 20 years). They are a game changer. I love that they are machine washable. They hold up if you wash them semi-regularly and lay flat to dry.


I have been window shopping Roeckels. But I can’t guarantee I will never grab a hay fork or throw hay in my riding gloves, and I am really bad at losing gloves as they come on and off riding to work glove. And winter Roeckles are over $70 Canadian.

What I need are riding gloves that are water proof on top not on the palm. But actual Goretex gloves sweat up like crazy. It’s a paradox.

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I wear my Roeckl Chester gloves year round. They last me two or three years before the grip wears off (I use textured reins.) I then retire them for home use where they become my winter gloves or liners.

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The Roeckle gloves are my go to. I have a winter pair and a summer pair. The winter ones I wear all over the barn, while grooming and tacking and sweeping the aisle when I’m done. They hold up well for the amount of use they get. My current pair is on it’s second winter, I might get a third winter out of them before I decide they’re dead.

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I have been trying all kinds of different glove brands, and roeckles has been the absolute best. They are softer so you do lose grip over time but mine are 3 years old and still really rideable. I had a pair of Ankys that had holes in 3 months. I also found the summer ones kept my hands pretty warm during the Canadian winter, so I am tempted to purchased the winter versions.

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Thanks for the replies everybody, the ski-ish winter gloves and Roeckles seem like the ticket!

Maybe not PC but have you tried deerskin gloves for barn chores and grooming? The soft, golden colored, leather gloves. Usually bulky for riding but just the best for everything else sans snowy winter conditions. Check your farm supply or where they sell cowboy gear. Can be hard to find in ladies sizes.

Then use another pair of gloves for just riding. Your riding gloves will last much longer.

Deer skin gloves are great for chores and trail riding, will handle Himalayan blackberries and barbed wire. They aren’t the best for cold wet and they do evebtyly shrivel up and get hard and die.