Favorite jump standard design - practice jumps

Hello, I have a grass ring at home, not perfectly level everywhere, and am looking to build some jumps for practice.

Curious which types of standards (specifically the bottoms) you prefer to use on terrain like this, and if you could find a photo, I’d appreciate it!

I’m thinking that standard designs that aren’t flat on the bottom, instead have a tripod-type support, would be better.

Thanks in advance, just curious if people have strong preferences on this.

Also, has anyone used round posts with jump cups? We have a whole bunch of extra fence posts, and hoping to use them…I can’t really see a problem with it, but I’ve also never noticed jump standards that weren’t square.

I ride in my pasture which is not level anywhere! So I think we have pretty similar issues to deal with :slight_smile:

My homemade standards look like this (though I have not gotten around to painting them) http://homemadehorsejumps.weebly.com/uploads/1/7/9/9/17990103/6206079.jpg?249

I have a couple of PVC pipes that I have literally had forever. I also was able to use some old planks my grandpaw had sitting around the barn. I had him notch them and I painted them a voila! Nice plank jumps. That’s as far as I’ve gotten though I have plans for gates and boxes.

Oh, and I use these jump cups http://www.doversaddlery.com/metal-jump-cup-with-pins/p/X1-27227/?eid=X18A00U1000&utm_source=froogle&utm_medium=CSE&utm_campaign=MerchantAdv&zmam=1460880&zmas=1&zmac=114&zmap=0027227008000X1-27227&gclid=CNT-_pD4778CFc1_MgodcGwAiQ

^ you don’t have any trouble with those standards rocking? That’s a design that I’ve used a lot at different barns, but wasn’t sure would work on the pasture-style footing.

I built some planks like that once, they worked really well! I think I am going to try and find plastic crates to use for boxes (like milk crates) and then pick up a few barrels…that should give me lots to play with at home. I have a coach who is willing to come to my place, so need to put together a few practice jumps in the next few weeks!

![]( tried to find pics of my jumps to show the terrain a bit better. Here’s a couple.

I find that the longer “feet” help keep it pretty stable…so if it is on uneven ground, the long feet catch it and keep it from moving much at all. Stay pretty steady.



I, for one, HATE tripod standards. They are a pain to repair. And while I haven’t built them I am confident they would be harder to build (a lot more cutting, angles to worry about, etc).

I have some like king. But mine are only 4’ tall so my ‘feet’ are a little shorter. I don’t think i have a problem with rocking. If I did have problems with rocking, I would put a sandbag on a foot or two (maybe? probably not).

I just really do have tripod standards.

My standards are similar to King Creole’s, and the second set I made don’t have any issues with rocking. I made the first set with scraps for feet, and 8" definitely isn’t long enough :lol:. The darker ones in this album are 4’ high with feet made out of 2x4s that are 12" at the top and 18" on the bottom. My jump area has been planted before so yeah, it’s not perfectly flat.


Individual pics in case the FB link doesn’t work–these are the not so good standards (meaning I can’t put them in the windier spots).

And these are the much better ones.

Not sure if round posts would work with jump cups designed for square posts, but as long as you got the base right I don’t see why they wouldn’t work.

Thanks all! I appreciate the input.