Favorite ring drag

Looking to upgrade our ring drag and would like to hear from other farm owners who have experience using them. I know what I like from watching at horse shows, but when it comes to day to day use by a woman, what’s your favorite and why? What problems or short comings have you had? How do they hold up? I need the capability to pull sand from the edge of the ring and a leveler. I think I like the TR3 best, which would also be great for our driveway. Love to hear what you think.

We have a covered arena and TR3 and it works great for us.

Before we had a small tandem disk, have seen other kinds of drags, rotary ones, etc. and don’t really know how other drags are to live with, but like our TR3 just fine.

Moisture in the footing, ours triple washed sand, makes a difference how it drags.
First picture when dragged right after watering, second one when dragging when drier:


I bought an Arena Rascal Pro last fall. Technically, it was the one they sell for driveways, etc., but basically the same piece of equipment and I got it used. I AM IN LOVE. All I had for the prior 10 years was the chain drag, which was OK, but not nearly as effective as this thing. It has the electric actuator to lift it up and down, and with its relatively small size, I don’t have a problem getting it on and off the tractor. I really wanted a TR3, but I’m glad I have this instead as I don’t have to mess with the 3pt hitch on my tractor. Since I can’t leave my drag hooked up permanently, having something relatively easy to take on and off is a godsend.

We have a quick-hitch on our three point and makes picking up and dropping off any implement very easy, back to it and pick it up, back to it and drop it off.

All you have is two levers on top of the arms you lift or lower to let the arms release or hold tight.

Because of the odd angles on the TR3, we store it three pallets high, super easy to put on and take off any time.

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I’m going to add that I prefer not to use my drags w three point hitch but just the single tag along hitch. Then if you get any waves in the footing it
Doesnt continue to exacerbate them

The TR3 hooks to the three point hitch, but it has adjustable gauge wheels it runs on.
You set your tractor for the three point hitch to put less downward pressure and float as much as you want with the rock shaft lever.
The tractor going over uneven ground doesn’t affect the plow, as the front part of it levels in front of the wheels.
As the wheels go over the flat ground it keeps the back end smooth and flat.


Great info here! Which size do you have? Thanks for sharing.

A 3 point quick hitch is on my farm wish list. I LOATHE the 3pt hitch on my tractor as it requires a stronger person than I am to get anything on or off, including the bushog. Its a nightmare. So Bluey, I’m very, very jealous.

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I put a Pat’s Easy Change on my tractor last year. Now I laugh every time I switch implements it’s so quick and painless. It’s not a full quick connect like some in that you have to attach the top link but so far I’m really liking the design.

Sorry to hijack, but do any of these drags level your footing back out to an even depth throughout? We have problems with flash flooding, and after heavy storms some of the footing washes out and the sand needs to be re-leveled.

I have the same problem and the Arena Rascal has been very good at that. I can now maintain a much more level depth of footing, and the areas that get washed out periodically can be relevelled with a little work. I think a TR3 works in much the same way.

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