Favorite schooling breeches?

I know we have had a million breeches threads and I am even guilty of posting some. But the ones I’m seeing are all older threads…so…what is your favorite brand for schooling breeches and why? :slight_smile: There’s so many choices and I’m completely overwhelmed. Bonus points for mid-rise and euro-seat!

I’m currently liking the HR Farm breeches. They’re inexpensive, super comfortable in my opinion, and not too thick. They’re a mid-rise (which I love), have decent pockets, and come in colors. The only thing I don’t like is the silicon full seat doesn’t last very long and wears off pretty quickly.

My eventer is a squirrely bugger. I love Kerrits Gritek full seat, because , well, the name says it all!

I love the horse ware tights. Live in them in the summer. Also love the Horze high waisted models. If you don’t mind spending, the pikeur lucindas are also lovely.

I was a big ROMFH fan, but the silicone is poop and doesn’t last a year, at least for me, and for the price, it better last a year.

I have come across Horze breeches, holy sticky!! Love them, and at half the price of ROMFH, I’ll take them. Really enjoy the fit of them, stretchy, for my fatter days, and grippy for my bad riding days. Really like their fit. I have a booty and hips, so finding pants that don’t cause muffin tops is a little harder. Horze has high waisted which is perfect for my body type.

If you want to look put together, the Dover Dalton breeches are my favorite. Dover put them on BOGO a couple of times last year. The fabric is stretchy and durable, Euro seat, high-ish mid-rise, functional front pockets, grippy silicone that is holding up well (machine wash and hang dry). As far as riding tights I wear nothing but the Kerrits Ice Fil when it is super hot.

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I recently came to the realization that there’s no reason why I can’t wear plain ol’ $15.99 TJ maxx workout leggings with tall boots or half chaps and they work exactly the same as knee patch riding tights :joy: are the knee patches supposed to do anything except be there for looks anyway??

I wouldn’t do this for a lesson or anytime I wanna look put together, and I am someone who’s not the biggest fan of a grippy butt, and I also am cheap and hate buying clothes online LOL. This is my new riding wardrobe #secret!!!