Favorite Show Supplies?

While I am waiting for the circumstances to align so that I can go to my first event in over 10 years, I am trying to satisfy myself by stocking up on some show supplies so we can make our debut in style :wink:. What are the show supplies you cannot live without? I’d love to hear about items you use when you are trailering in, or even staying overnight.

I will go first: my unlikely but extremely useful favorite is an expandable pocket hose. It is lightweight, never kinks, leaks, or gets tangled. Plus it fits entirely within my wash bucket when I’m not using it!

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A horse loving friend to go with you who is not showing/eventing. There is nothing that beats a second set of hands!


Two years ago, I bought a rechargeable battery-operated fan. It was wonderful to have that during the summer shows. I used it last year when I was jump judging, too!


A collapsible wagon, a basket with hooks that you can attach to your stall, rolling hay bags, a tiered pants hanger for my boots, I keep my grain in a food safe bucket with a twist top (from Home Depot). I could probably go on and on; this is one of my favorite subjects!




Captain style camp chairs, popup tent and a mini cooler for myself. For the horse bucket hangers that are nylon and you don’t need twine for, but don’t forget the twine. Twine is worth it’s weight in gold. Any type of saddle/bridle holder.


Could not agree more. Shade, a seat, and some cold drinks go a long way for the humans. Ice in the cooler can also be helpful for the horses. If you invest in a good cooler you can pack it the night before and still have ice a day or two later. Also, on the human side, several pairs of dry socks and a hat. I can live with many things but wet feet are not on that list. My show trunk also has a live-in tube of sunscreen and bottle of insect repellent. The best trailer tack rooms have mirrors.

For the horse, the obvious things like jugs with water from home, buckets, hay nets, spare halter, etc etc. My favourite things for the horses are a saddle pad bag (ideally the ventilated ones - as the day goes on, this becomes your laundry bag. When you get back to the barn and your brain is fried it’s easy to remember that everything else goes in the barn, that goes to the house), a bridle bag with hooks (if you are an eventer, ideally three hooks - one hook per phase), and stud blanks (fussing around with stud holes at the event with an excited horse is the worst). A pen, paper, and safety pins are never a bad thing to have. And obviously, a generous stash of treats!

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Ooh I love this. I always end up just throwing a case of gatorade and a box of granola bars in the car at the last second. This way I can also throw in a couple of beers to entice that second pair of hands with!

Here’s a camping list I put together a while back: Horse Camping Checklist

I don’t event, but I do camp with my horse. Installing a HiTie to my trailer was one of the best decisions I made. Some of my favorite trailer supplies would be from REI.

String lights for exterior trailer

USB/Solar small lantern

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Some kind of rolling saddle rack or wagon. Bridle hooks. Rain coat, rain pants, and waterproof sheet. Horse Quencher for when my horse decides he would rather die than drink water on a hot summer day. Salt block on a rope. Goodr sunglasses. Lightweight folding camp chair. Giant sun hat. Duct tape and electrical tape. Pepto bismol tablets for upset human tummies, tube of GastroPrep Eq for upset equine tummies. Head lamp. Hand sanitizer and a bar of soap. Wet wipes. Toilet roll. Cooler with ice, drinks, and snacks. Wine.Don’t forget the wine corkscrew!


One of my favourite things to have is a cheapo plastic laundry basket. I have lots of beautiful clean contraptions for keeping my gear clean en route to and at the destination, and throwing wet dirty saddle pads, boots, wraps etc. in them after use is self-defeating and inefficient. So having a laundry basket - which is super ventilated and easy to hose out after use - is a great way to contain all of my super dirty stuff in one place.