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Favorite Sunglasses to Ride In?

Due to an eye condition, I’m required to wear sunglasses all the time in bright conditions. I have been wearing my usual pair but would prefer to have a riding specific pair, preferably prescription. Anyone have any favorites that fit well under a helmet?

I have racing sunglasses by SSG. They strap nicely around my helmet an look good :blush:

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I wear Rokas!

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I have a pair of Tifosi that I really like - but I must have a small face, because I find a lot of sunglasses too big and they are perfect! Plus they don’t pull my hair.

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Same! I love my Tifosis.

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I like these by Suncloud. I won’t buy super spendy ones anymore but these are polarized well and seem fairly scratch resistant. I wear them under my motorcycle visor and under 55mph I normally throw open the visor and these are great at keeping wind out of my eyes. So anything on horseback is much less of an ask :slight_smile:

Cheap enough that if you lose them or they get stepped on, no biggie

Not sure re: prescription but my husband only wears contacts for anything very active, because you can and will lose your sunnies

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Oakleys (or a lens that has impact resistance and if shattered, won’t shatter into sharp pieces).

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Thanks everyone! I’ll take a look at all of these. I’ve been using my everyday Maui Jims but they’re uh stupid expensive and I would like to not have to pay for another pair because I’ve screwed them up riding. I do love them though because the arms are curved and don’t create any pressure points along the sides of my face. I don’t do contacts any more so do need Rx abilities.

I have some like this: https://www.amazon.com/Dioptics-Shield-Stone-Polarized-Rectangular-Sunglasses/dp/B085FQPRF7/ref=sr_1_11?keywords=SOLAR+SHIELD&qid=1679877003&sr=8-11 They are made to fit on top of your glasses, depending on the size and shape of your lenses (there are other styles for different shaped coverage, too). These fit fine under my helmet brims (Charles Owen Ayr8 and Tipperary Sportage). I like these because they have peripheral vision openings, they’re inexpensive, and they don’t pinch my face like some sunglasses do.

Another vote for Rokas, they don’t hurt my ears and are fairly impact safe. They do fit a little large imho.

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Oakleys. I’ve had a horse head to my head a few times, and the arms of the glasses snap out, then snap back in. Also, the solid arms block lots of sunlight too.

Frameless Maui jims, Costco has the best deals.

I love my oakleys as well. I have the Flak ones. When I decide to replace mine, I always end up going back to the oakleys. They fit my face really well.

I myself ride in either Maui Jims or Oakleys. I don’t require a prescription but both of those brands do come RX’able. The sporty curved profiles often work well under a helmet. And those brands are usually made with polycarbonate lenses which are more impact resistant, in the event you should fall off or get smacked in the face by your horse. :wink:

However, it also depends on your prescription. If it is very high, you might be limited on what you can choose based on the wrap required of the lens.

If you are really concerned about them fitting, seriously bring your riding helmet with you when you go to select a frame.
Hint I am an optometrist myself and we don’t mind when patients do things like this, to ensure they are happy with their purchase! So I would encourage your to check with your eye doctor’s office first and see what they have available and they can guide you through the process.

I always wear my sunglasses when riding. Keeps out flying dirt too, LOL.


Shady Rays- plus they have lifetime replacement

Maui Jims. I have a smallish face and they make a style that is perfect for me.

I ride in my Maui Jims but have considered getting a riding specific pair that I wouldn’t be as unhappy if they got wrecked. If I did this, I’d likely just get a different pair of MJs, probably from Costco for a slightly more budget friendly option.

I also have a Soless visor which is good for days that don’t have too much wind. https://solessvisors.com/

I had a face-first crash with my horse in my Rokas; the glasses held up beautifully and I’m so thankful I had them to keep debris out of my eyes!

Maui Jim sunglasses are the best I’ve found for riding. They also have a good repair/replacement policy that I’ve used (see their website).