Favorite trail riding destinations

I was sighing over this article – Fall Riding at Fort Robinson (horseandrider.com)– and just wondered where other people would choose to travel with their horses, for non-technical trail riding, if you had a few months to travel around and ride?

San Felasco state park is excellent for day riding. You would have to camp at River Rise state park, and trailer there. Mcculley farms is great if you are in North Florida.

No personal experience, but a friend who horsecamped & trailrode exclusively for many years loved Big South Fork in TN & (more local to her) Brown County & Hungerford in IN.
I’ve been to Brown County, but only for an overnight stay & Potato Creek for day rides. Both have miles of trails & are setup for camping - both primitive & sites w/plug-ins.

Sand Gap Arkansas … we used to ride a NATRC ride there, the basic trails were old stagecoach trails through the mountains… makes one wonder how a team of horses could have ever gotten through there pulling a wagon

Access to the trails was easy

this is the area

Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex from the east or south side (west side can be rather steep in the main route in), Greater Yellowstone specifically the Spanish Peak mountain range, Elkhorn Mountains… Glacier has some amazing trails but we usually have dogs with us so don’t go there much. If you do get this far, Cracker Lake is a beautiful ride. You can go for days and days on good trails and see amazing sights and hardly any people, even still. With the likely exception of Glacier.

Ken Wilcox Horse Camp at Haney Meadow. Miles and miles of trails, some tough, some easy. You can spend 2 weeks there and not ride the same trail twice. Gorgeous views, nice horse camp with high line poles, picnic tables, fire rings, and water for livestock. Love this place.


for those in North Texas there will be a new state park opening soon Palo Pinto Mountains State Park

about 75 miles west of the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex

Plans for the park include an extensive network of multiuse trails for hikers, mountain bikers and horseback riders. Trails will lead to remote areas of the park with expansive vistas.


I am not aware of plans at this time to extend the trail network from Mineral Wells to this new park.