Favorite Type of Saddle Pad

What is your favorite type of hunter saddle pad? Do you like all purpose, close contact, baroque, dressage, fitted pads, half pads, etc? What measurements do you prefer? (I prefer a 22" back seam with a 20" drop) Are you interested in any cool pad shapes? (Like butterfly wings or scalloped edges? What colors/ designs (or combinations) do you prefer your saddle pads to be? Is there anything you don’t like about certain types of saddle pads? How thick do you like a saddle pad to be? Also, how much are you willing to pay for a saddle pad?

In addition, do you like saddle pad/polo wrap combinations?

I am looking to start making pads, and while I am not trying to price them as high as possible, the materials are VERY expensive, so I am looking to see if I would be able to make any money on them at all (even if it’s only $5 a pad profit,). The pads I would be selling would have 1" thick foam on the inside, which would appear thinner after it was sewn together, a quality canvas or other high quality fabric top, and a (very) soft felt (I didn’t even realize it was felt at first) or other soft type of material that won’t pull hair out on the underside. I am interested in doing cool colors and stuff if I can get access to the materials.

Any comments, tips, or suggestions you may have would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!