Favorite videos/podcasts for lateral work?

The guy I’m riding is a TB in his 20s who has seen and done a ton.

I’ve found that lateral work is great for both of us. It helps me (re-rider after a long break) distill and refine the clarity of my aids. And it helps him constructively focus his super-smart brain, rebalance, and loosen up. (As opposed to charging around the arena, scheming to take over the world, as any right-thinking former eventing horse is wont to do.)

I’m lessoning 1-2 times a week, but would also like some inspiration for the times I’m riding alone. Recommendations and links would be appreciated!

Look up Rider life on youtube. She post a number of different exercises that I find are helpful when riding alone.

Ameilia Newcombs Youtube Channel is great

Dressage Radio Show podcast
Mary Wnaless Podcast

Thank you both for the suggestions! I’ve checked them out and have lots of new ideas to try. Much appreciated!

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