FBI international dog

So I’m watching this for the first time and they’ve got a dog on the team. I googled it to find out what kind of dog and there seems to be disagreement. Here’s an article I found

I believe he’s a giant schnauzer but they keep calling him a shutzhound which appears to be generic term for police dog.

Can anyone shed some light on this for me? Sorry about the misspellings above. One article I found called him a German shepherd but even I can see he’s not

Schutzhund is German for “protection dog”. Schutzhund training is broken into three aspects, tracking, obedience and protection work (which is often recognized in police work).

Any dog can do Schutzhund but most commonly it is the German Shepherd although many of the other traditional ‘protection’ breeds like Malinois, Belgian Shepherds, etc are often found. Schutzhund is a training discipline, not, to the best of my knowledge, a breed.

Tank, the dog in FBI International, is a schnauzer. When I saw the first episode, I went back and forth between the Giant Schnauzer and a Bouvier des Flandres. Either would be suitable breeds for schutzhund work and both have been used in that role in the past.


Yup, any dog breed with the right temperament can do schutzhund work…

Claudia Romard & Mr Murphy - YouTube

Tank is a Schutzhund-trained Giant Schnauzer.


Bouvier des Flanders? They are very commonly used as police dogs in Europe.

Looks like a Giant Schnauzer with natural ears. I’ve never seen the show but based on the two photos in the link.

Thanks for the replies. I do like the Giant Schnauzers, only seen them on the Thanksgiving dog show on TV. I guess they crop the tails? The ones I’ve seen in shows have tails like stubs, like Jack Russells, but this one has a ‘long’ tail.

AKC standard requires a docked tails, but obviously people who don’t plan to show may choose not to dock. They can be shown with natural ears in AKC show but I don’t know how typical that is.

In Europe most dogs are shown without docking and cropping (I believe) is banned in most countries.

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That’s the breed I had for almost 30 years although did not do Schutzhund with them. A few, conformation, one obedience (she hated it), one herding instinct tested… all very much loved :slight_smile: Yes, I know they can be found in law enforcement work. The breed almost died out during WWII as they were also used as ‘work’ dogs pulling mortars and such (or so I have been told).

My last two had natural ears but still had the tail docked.