Fecals on Indoor Cats


My two cats, both 3 years old, are going to the vets at the end of Sept for their yearly check-up and vaccines.

They are strictly indoor cats, I live in a condo building and even if they got out it would be in the hallway.

One question I’ve always wanted to know is:
Do they really need to run fecals on young, healthy, indoor cats?

Any info would be appreciated - I plan to also bring it up to the vet of course, but he has a tendency of pushing for things and I want to go in well-informed.


Sigh. Never mind, I googled it like I should have done first and it’s a requirement for sure:

Sorry to bother you all!

I am like 98% sure my indoor only cats never get fecals. I definitely do not bring any fecal matter with me and I don’t think they collect a sample there. I am traveling so I can’t check my paperwork, but I never remember being charged for fecal testing.

And if I was explicitly asked about doing a fecal I’d say no, unless there were symptoms that indicated it.

Zevida, if you would read the link that the OP just posted, you would find out why it is vital that every animal get a fecal done yearly.
Btw, thank you for posting that link.