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Feds Seize Performance-Enhancing Drugs Bound for Horse Racing


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I hope they get the bottom feeders buying this :poop: and throw the book at them.


The article in TDN said that the drugs must have been shipped to Cincinnati because they were bound for racetracks in “the horse capital of the world”. It implies that they were intended for TB racing which doesn’t make sense to me. Under HISA and HIWU, TB racehorses aren’t allowed to have any unknown substances in their blood and urine on race day, and the tests they use are sensitive to a trillionth of a gram.

Win a race and you’re tested. Same thing when you lose a race, or run well at high odds, or run badly at low odds. Or if your horse is one of the random ones chosen to be tested in each race. It’s hard to see how anyone is going to slip cobra venom (?!) past that system.


It does make a quick mention of the “illegal QH racing circuit”. Could be that is the racehorses the above article is referring to :woman_shrugging:
All the articles I’ve found are rather light on information & heavy on speculation.


The TDN author’s presumption is almost certainly incorrect. CBP’s port of Cincinnati, OH-Erlanger, KY, includes the major DHL hub where most of the DHL package imports occur. It’s likely that the shipments have been coming into Cincinnati (Erlanger) via DHL in packages that would then have been moved on to their final destinations via DHL’s domestic system, which means that they could have been going anywhere.

I’m pretty certain that most of those packages weren’t going to Cincinnati, they were going through Cincinnati to elsewhere in the US.

(Disclaimer for those who know me: I have no insider information about these seizures. Just making an educated guess.)