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Feed Energy Question

I own a warm blood gelding, 9 years of age, who was on alfalfa/timothy hay (high grade) and a low starch, high fat, soy based grain. He has day long turn out. He was just too energetic so I changed over to Orchard Grass and beet pulp (4 quarts soaked) 3 times a day. He receives a vitamin/mineral supplement and a magnesium calming supplement morning and night. His personality is much calmer. Is there anything else I could do for him that would make him even less energetic?

He is also on probiotics and joint supplement.

Depending on where you live, orchard grass may have a lot of sugar in it. I had to cut it out and go to timothy hay, oat hay pellets, and rice bran. Try switching to timothy.

When you say ‘energetic,’ is this a recent change in his behavior?

Because the diet he was on sounded pretty good.

How hard is he working? (How ‘calm’ do you want him?)

thanks for replying. he has always been higher than what is considered quiet for the show ring. I do him in hunters and eq and if the day is hot and he had a long lunge he will be good. I was with a trainer who used dex and robaxin for prep and that made him perfect. I would however like to skip all of that and just have a nice horse coming out of the barn…

You would get a lot of advice and feedback (hehe) if you posted this in the Horse Care forum.

Just be forewarned: about a third of the responders will insist, sight unseen, that your horse has ulcers. :slight_smile:

You might want to consider whether your horse is naturally better suited for a different career than one as a ‘quiet hunter.’

To get a horse who isn’t predisposed to be so to be quiet “right out of the barn” it’s far too common to use the quick fixes you describe your previous trainer using, and frankly, what you seem to be looking for is more of the same.

How did you end up with a horse whose personality isn’t a good match with yours?

If increased turnout time doesn’t level him out, it might be best to send your horse to the jumper ring, where it would be an advantage for him to be expressive and ‘up’ rather than risk his soundness with excess longeing, or getting involved in ‘all that’ calming stuff, that at its heart (because of your intent in wanting to use it) is illegal.