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Feed Nutrition

Looking for someone kind enough to educate me on horse feeds & appropriate levels etc.
Want to have further knowledge on what type of diet I should put my mare on.
Thank you!!

She’s currently on a sweet feed, because thats what she came to me on; I’d like to switch her to something more appropriate.
Shes an 8yr Holsteiner, and needs some more weight. Not in work yet, because my area is just HORRIBLE with weather.

It would help to know where (at least roughly) you are, and what brands are available. There’s no sense recommending a brand you can’t get :slight_smile:

Free choice hay firstly - always the first thing to do for a horse who needs weight. If you can get Triple Crown, the Sr or Complete would be a good choice for her, with the Sr being better as it’s lower in sugars. If you can’t get TC, see above.