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Feeding Arabian trail horses

Arabian owners: what do you feed your horses that are used for light trail riding and a little arena work? The best feeds you’ve found to supplement good hay, that don’t amp them up.

I feed mine 2.5lbs of Essential K a day and a gut supplement that he seems to not be able to live without. He gets nearly unlimited high quality hay. I work him 5 or 6 days a week plus shows. He has energy but doesn’t get amped unless he wants to be. Sometimes, we must have a dramatic moment. A reminder that indeed we are an Arabian! :smile:

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My semi retired 21 year old easy- keeping Shagya gelding gets Triple Crown Lite, Bioplex magnesium and Cotra-Flx, turnout on about an acre of paddock now grazed down…and a couple of flakes of grass/alfalfa mix hay daily. He has never been the hot type but he gets a lot of miles to the gallon :slight_smile:

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Exactly! Mine as well!

Grass (24 hour turnout), hay when lack of grass available, light hi fibre chaff with broad spectrum vits and mins, unmolassed sugarbeet shreds (soaked). I’m in the UK so not sure same feeds available, when competing at endurance up to advanced level switched low calorie chaff to alfalfa chaff and added oil. The feed didn’t amp her up, being a very fit Arab who is convinced she is a racehorse makes life exciting at times!! Arabs really do not need much in the way of feed, just good quality fibre plus vits and mins. If they put on a lot of weight then they are getting too many calories.
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All of my guys get the same base regardless of work level and then get “bonus” meals when they are worked.
Base feed 1 cup Triple Crown Senior, 1/2 pound Triple Crown Stress Free, 2 oz ground flax, 1 cup BOSS and 1 oz loose salt, 1 oz Vermont Custom Pro Blend. They also get free choice grass hay or pasture 24/7

Post-work: Fatties get “soup” a handful of stress free and a cup of repleni-mash mixed together with a good bit of water. Non-fatties get the same soup but with two cups of Triple Crown Senior added and a bigger handful of the stress free forage

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I’m really considering 24/7 turnout with a run in shelter available. Presently she is out all day, but in a stall for 14 hours overnight. I’ve always liked horses being stalled at night…I worry about storms and coyotes, etc. But I know most horses and people prefer 24/7 turnout .