Feeding soybean meal--adding lysine to diet

My horse is low in lysine and his nutritionist recommended adding soybean or canola meal to his diet. Where do you find this and how do you feed it? Would you recommend any other lysine sources instead? We have upped his alfalfa intake as well to improve the lysine deficiency but still need to supplement it.

Eons ago, one of the horses boarded at the barn where I worked was fed a handful of roasted soy nuts with his meals. It was delicious–always good for a bite when we were hungry in the evening feeding.

I’d think you should be able to get a 50# sack at any well stocked feed mill? Although it’s a lot easier to just add triamino or nutramino if you’re looking for lysine.

How about a lysine supplement?


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Another source of lysine is ground up hemp seeds. I got mine at the health food store when I was feeding it. Hemp seed is supposed to have all the essential amino acids, and it tastes sort of nutty.

I liked giving this mare a little bit more hemp seed when she was shedding her winter coat and growing her summer coat, which can take a good bit of protein. Her hooves and her hair improved some. Hemp seeds also have GLA, the only Omega-6 fatty acid that does not cause inflammation.

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This is pushing 20 years ago now, but I used to work at a farm that supplemented all of their mares & foals with soybean meal. They SHINED!

You can buy it at many feed stores, especially ones that supply feed for cattle & other livestock.

About 9-10 years ago I tried to buy some, but I got it home and it was riddled with weevils and grain mites. It had been sitting on the shelf of the feed store way too long. I decided to go a different route if it was something that wasn’t getting used up at the feed store.

What’s his whole diet? How low? Is he “deficient” even with the increase in alfalfa?

Adding straight lysine is very cheap. Pure Lysine, and L-Lysine are to products I’ve used in the past.

Nutramino (Horsetech) and Tri-Amino (Uckele) are lysine, methionine and threonine, 10gm, 5gm, 2gm respectively It costs more, but may be worth it, as threonine is a bit more likely to be low than lysine is.

i buy 100 pounds of soybean meal per week, comes in fifty-pound sacks.

(i feed sheep a mix of beetpulp, alfalfa pellets, cracked corn, oats, soybean meal and black oil sunflower seeds…all mixed and hydrated in a big rubbermaid wheelbarrow). I have a gelding and older mare and old bull in a nearby drylot and they often get about a pound each. Their coats shine like glass

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You can buy soybean meal pellets, at least around here.

Any feed store( like a co op) that sells bagged grains will have it. I mix my own feed for my goats and buy the soybean meal to add in my feed mix to up the protein. It would be easy to mix soybean meal into his existing feed at every meal.

Might be easier to buy a supplement depending on where you are.

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I feed a four-amino product from Mybesthorse.com
Very affordable, and covers a full profile of amino acids. Best bang for my buck iv’e found yet.