Feet different sizes--WWYD re stirrup size?

If your feet were significantly different in size (width), from surgical repair of injury (not just natural variation) would you buy two different sized stirrups or use the same, larger size for both? Thanks

I would buy different sizes. Stirrup can be too big…


I would probably use the same for both. The stirrup should be on the ball of your foot. There is obviously a problem with too small. Too big I don’t see a problem with.

If you try and there is a problem with the one that is too big, you can always buy the other stirrups then.

OK here’s a more complete picture…the surgically repaired foot lacks the ball…had a transmetatarsal amputation…so that one is shorter and wider. Looking at all kinds of stirrups…Western or Endurance extra-wide with toe cages?, since there is no ball on one foot, a wider platform than a standard Fillis seems indicated to provide more contact area, plus toe cages to prevent getting jammed…maybe something like this?:

They come in a couple different widths. Lightweight…I wonder whether too lightweight to hang optimally?

Any other thoughts or ideas welcome.

I think you’re going to have to try a few things and see what works for you. If your wider stirrup needs to be more than 1/4 inch wider than what you would normally use, i would definitely use two different sizes unless you use the toe cages, and probably even then. You don’t want your foot to go through. If you normally use a 4 and 3/4" stirrup, you may not find many options that are much wider. You can get removable cages thst can be used on most stirrups-- that will allow you to pick whatever kind you like. Maybe try https://freedomrider.com/product-category/tack/stirrups/ for ideas as well

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Thanks for the freedomrider link and the other ideas.

Trial and Error ahead…

Too big can actually be quite dangerous in the event of a wreck if your foot slides through and gets caught. (A local kid died here just a couple of years ago due to this scenario, so not just theoretical.)


That is why I would get stirrups that fit each foot correctly. Having the toe cages might be a good idea.


Agreed. I’d get the right size for each foot. Too big is just as dangerous as too small.


Thanks for the info. I thought perhaps the toe cages might make it OK to use the same size stirrups because the cages would stop the shorter foot from sliding through. However, the shorter foot is 5/8" wider than the other in socks, plus I have to get some sort of custom boot that might make the size discrepancy even greater. The shorter foot could much more easily get jammed, too, so there’s that.

Are you riding now and if so, in what kind of stirrups? What isn’t working with the stirrups you have now? That might help us trouble shoot.

Funky feet are a passion of mine. I have one that causes all sorts of problems and I’m in my stirrup experimentation phase of life.

No riding yet since the injury. I’ve been looking at all sorts of modern stirrup designs. The ones with broad footpads look like the best bet, at least for the altered foot, since it seems likely the biggest issue will be keeping the foot stable since it’s shorter and wider. I also need to find boots, which will obviously have to be custom made and which will somewhat impact stirrup choice. That’s another headache coming. :grimacing:

31tgfhq85IL.AC This one (Herm Sprenger) comes in 5 1/8" width which should work for the wider foot.

Some of these are not very expensive, so I figured on getting a few different types to test. Would add toe cages to any since the altered foot would more easily get jammed in any type of stirrup.

I would buy two different sizes and I don’t think there is any harm in that if you’re purchasing a stirrup then you should make sure it fits you perfectly as loose stirrups will may frustrate you while riding.

Check this out;

Aaarrrgghhh, Equibrit, that Barefoot Safety Stirrup looks like a great option…except that the altered foot needs to have a stirrup that’s at least 5" wide and these only come in 4 1/2". :disappointed_relieved:

What about Ophena stirrups? They have no outside branch to get hung up in so different feet widths in the same size stirrup wouldn’t be a safety issue. They seem to only come in one width though, so I don’t know if they would be wide enough for you.

Edit: here is a diagram of the footbed with measurements. Apparently they are 2x5".

I always ride with toe cages. Big or small.