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FEH / YEH in Area IV

Does anyone know what FEH / YEH shows/events there are in Area IV? I saw that FEH is no longer being run by USEA and is now under the umbrella of Young Horse Shows.

Alternatively, is anyone familiar with how to submit to host and/or host a FEH event?


According to

To host a qualifier in the YHS, please contact JY Tola: YoungHorseShowJY@gmail.com

For more information, contact Kate Lokey, (703) 779-9897 or JY Tola.

The YHS website http://www.younghorseshow.com/ lists competitions, at least some of which are in Area IV.

The dates and locations are also listed here

YHS has hosted a show in Sedalia, MO. I have attended the past two years and have had a great time! I marked ‘Eventer’ on the entry form. It is just about 2/-2.5 hours from me in Kansas City. As far as YEH… everything from KC is at least 8+ hours :frowning: There is definitely a need for YEH show that is closer.