FEI 2021 Rule Change Updates

FEI has approved the updated rules for 2021;

Some interesting ones;

547.2.4 Frangible/Deformable Obstacles: The introduction of mandatory frangible devices to higher level events will be extended across all levels for 2021. All open oxers, open corners, verticals or near verticals with open rails, top rail on triple bars and gates where the rail dimensions and weight fit the acceptable parameters of an FEI approved frangible device, must be fitted with frangible devices.

547.2.5 Water Crossings: Each cross-country course must have at least one obstacle related to water.

LOVE this one

547.2.7 Ground Lines: Ground lines must be used on fences at all levels.

Also clarification on a rule that last year had a lot of discussion;

Annex A 1.2 & 1. 5 (Dressage bits): The ‘French link’ snaffle is allowed.

Looks like leather bits are allowed for dressage too?


I saw that sliding hanging bits are no longer allowed as well. I’m glad the french link is back!

I’m having trouble understanding exactly what it is they’re talking about with the “sliding hanging cheek”. I tried to google for a picture but got swamped with bauchers which hang but don’t slide.

Can you help me find an example?

I cant find a photo of it either. Its a baucher style bit that rather than the mouthpiece being stationary on a swivel, it can move up and down with a slight gag-like action.

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So the reins are fixed, too?

No. They are like a normal snaffle rein that can also slide a bit. The ring size is quite small like a full cheek and baucher.

You might know it better as a butterfly bit. It is pictured in the 2020 FEI Eventing Rulebook in Annex A. Happy to post a picture of it if someone can explain how to with this new set up.image

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Screen shot from the FAQ thread in the technical help forum.

Here is a link to the whole thread just as a FYI.


Interesting, I own one of these and always called it a B-ring. I never felt like it was any different than a Baucher in how it worked when watching it in my riding videos.

I just tried to look at the rule, and I don’t see a picture of the B ring. Maybe I’m looking in the wrong spot?

No longer pictured because it is no longer allowed.

Ah ok, I understand. I thought there was a section that had disallowed bits as well.

I guess I still don’t understand - if that mouthpiece could slide on the lower B portion, then I could see why it would have a different action. It’s fixed in that low position though, so in my experience functioned exactly like a Baucher. No biggie as I’m not going to show FEI but just strange they would call out that bit.