FEI Boot Rules

Just wondering if anyone knows whether we can expect a front boot rule change within the next year from the FEI?

Last year one of the EC stewards said we she thought they will make a rule that all front boots were going to have to be 2 straps, with 3 straps no longer allowed. I just bought new dteqs this past fall on a great sale and now i’m wondering if i’ll have to get rid of them? Also Equifit just announced they have a new design with two straps coming out so it seems this may come true

Can we expect this? Seems like overkill from the FEI on boots lately but I get the changes

the current FEI rules as written are effective Jan1 22

page 43 above the illustration

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Yes I saw this! Was just wondering if we can expect another rule change again

Can someone explain the rationale here? Leather straps with buckles are no longer allowed and boots can only have two straps, am I reading that correctly?

I am an old person but I don’t even own a pair of horse boots with only two straps.

I can understand the weight rule but I don’t understand the maximum height for protection nor the difference in strap type for younger horses.

Edit: as I reread this there are these very specific rules for hind boots but no rules at all for front ones except for weight?

I would imagine the very specific rules for hind boots are a result of the invention of the pinch/crank hind boots that someone came up with some years back.

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