FEI Jumping Guidelines with pictures

FEI just released their jumping guidelines with pictures.

They show that the Ophena stirrups are legal for use in all FEI competitions.

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Won’t help for USEF non-FEI

Aren’t they already legal for national events?

They have to specifically tell people to not tape their feet to the stirrups.
Who the heck, when going to ride at an FEI level event, was like ‘yeah, I’ll just use electrical tape to tape my feet in place. That will work great’.

Because you KNOW someone did that. And that’s why there’s a rule now.


FEI isn’t necessarily a very high level, just that it has FEI in the name of the class and one has to register the horse and rider with the FEI to participate.

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Why would it be mandated that a Pelham has to be used with only one rein? (For CSI(O)P level).

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I haven’t been able to find what exactly that level means.
Edit - it must mean Pony Riders competing on Ponies, which I gather is why they want to restrict to one rein for junior riders?

Under USEF’s minimum criteria to compete abroad: “For CSI-P or CSIO-P, riders must have competed in a jumper class at 1.10 meter or higher completing the course with 4 faults or less within the previous 12
months of the date of the nominated entries of the competition for which they are applying.”

So it could also be a children/adult jumper class.

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It still does not make sense to mandate one rein. That is a weird thing to mandate if you ask me.


Right - at any level, it doesn’t make sense to mandate improper use of a bit? Either ban the equipment outright, or let it be used how it was intended. Bizarre.


that is nuts - if you are jumping a course at over 1m you should be capable of using two reins or use a different bit, these aren’t cross rail kiddies


Exactly! And there’s nothing preventing a double bridle from being used with two reins and there’s also nothing preventing the elevator bit from being used with two either!

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i think they mean you MUST use a converter. Still odd I agree.

“Only one rein allowed – to be used with a connecting piece or with the rein attached to the larger ring of the bit.”

Why is the Pessoa Waterford illegal? Is a “Pessoa” any bit with more than one ring?

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I’m guessing in this context, “Pessoa” is basically the brand name, and it’s a bit stamped with the approval of either Rodrigo or Nelson Pessoa. Similar to a Pessoa saddle or a Pessoa lunging rig.

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I think they mean multiple rings with a jointed bit. Some horses who grab at the bit and also need some leverage go great in a Waterford with two or three rings. With an educated hand, obviously. Sounds like that’s illegal?

I am still floored by this. This rule makes no sense at all.


Particularly as there is a picture of what looks like a pelham with two reins in one of the “approved” images.

I believe it is saying a waterford with two or three rings is only illegal at the CSI(O)P level.

My takeaway from this guide is that pretty much any bit goes except at the lower levels, where you are not allowed to ride with two reins? Bizarre.

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