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FEI Passport - Need Help :)

Hello all!

So I am looking into getting my horse an FEI passport to do a CCI* in June with my trainer. Obviously, I know this is cutting it down to the wire now but I’m totally prepared to pay for expedition. However, I have absolutely no idea where to even begin. Can somebody direct me to the right website or walk me through the steps to getting a passport? I should mention, my boy is only registered with USEA and USEF right now. Thank you so much in advance for the help!

Horse passports 101: https://files.usef.org/assets/CVNqQx…ssports101.pdf

Application form: https://files.usef.org/assets/23Uwo0…pplication.pdf

Expedited passport service form: https://files.usef.org/assets/GJbcmz…rt-request.pdf

You will also need to register the horse with the FEI ($15). The passport is $300 and I believe to expedite it is another $300. They say it takes 4-6 weeks but that’s if there are no errors.

The horse needs to be microchipped, info here: https://files.usef.org/assets/mcTEEuRHb8s/2017-fei-first-time-fei-registration---required-documents.pdf

Your vet will have to come out to fill out the passport too. Preferably a vet who has done it before.


Thank you so much!

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Insider’s tip: if you know someone in Lexington, Ky you can mail the vet-completed passport to them and they can take it to the USEF office to process it as a “walk-in.” Once the passport is certified (I waited ten minutes), your friend can pick it up and mail it to you, overnight if needed. This process is much faster and you save the $300 expedite fee. :slight_smile:


Is this information still current? Thanks in advance!

Yes it is current. I will say that the turn-around time has been greatly delayed because of the USPS. Also, you can purchase a “national passport” if you don’t plan to leave your country for you event for $50, and always upgrade for the additional $250 at some point down the road.

Thanks for your response! I’m actually planning on taking my horse with me for an international move in just over a year, so I am starting to gather some info :slight_smile: