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FEI TV subscription

i purchased an FEI TV subscription to watch the weg, bought the WEG only option, and now all the videos are locked! Could I only access it while the event was going on?

yep. not impressed

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I wish they were more understanding of people with lives. I would have gladly watched every minute of Normandy but could not before they took the videos down then.


I think that’s why they had the WEG + September package. I thought it was pretty clear you only could access during WEG but they probably could have improved the messaging they used

Thanks for letting me know-I will be asking for a refund/disputing the credit card charge as not what I paid for.

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Would it have killed them give us a week to catch up?


I would have paid another 10 bucks to extend it a month. They lost a chance to make more by not contacting met that access was ending soon.


Please send them an email at tv.support@fei.org. I sent the following:

It is very disappointing to learn that I cannot access any of the WEG content as of 9/23/18. I can understand access expiring, I cannot understand ending it before the gate is firmly closed at the end of the driveway. I had no opportunity to watch the driving, to revisit the cross country to see the ride that received a yellow card, I had no chance to see the vaulting or see the para-dressage beyond one or two rides I managed to catch. The notion that I could only watch it while the show was in progress is utterly ridiculous. I could whine that I was at a horse show, when I was, in fact, assisting my 74 year old mother post-knee replacement. I really should have hired that done so I could watch horses prance around. Here’s an idea! Send an email that access is ending soon! Let us elect to renew for another 2 weeks, or maybe purchase a yearlong access pass at a slight discount. Nah, just cut 'em off, that’ll leave a great impression.


I heard from the guy at the RideTV booth that they will have the WEG videos up sometime at the end of this month.

That’s disappointing. I get not accessing other videos as I didn’t pay for that but how was I supposed to watch allll that coverage in such a short amount of time!

UPDATE: the extended my access for two more weeks. Glad I contacted them !!

That’s great! I’ll do the same!