Fence Charger Brands?

sidles in (and yes, I always do a search first I swear!):lol:

Yep, house is on foundation so I am ordering the horse stuff! Much more fun!

So – there is existing fencing of multi-strand hi-tensile but very well built as seller (now awesome neighbour!) worked as fencing contractor. Telephone poles as anchor posts and h-braces all there for the next gazillion years. 10-acre property; 3-three ac. pastures, 1-one ac. pasture.

I will line existing fence with one strand of Horseguard (I have a horse who doesn’t respect wire that much, but neither will go near anything resembling white tape, ha). Any cross fencing will be two strands of HG.

I will be running a DC-powered charger off a deep cycle battery, which I will eventually add a solar trickle charger too. So these are the brands I’m looking at (not buying Zareba, seen them suck) – can you tell me if there is anything I should run from? I think almost all have a 2 year warranty and varying degrees of lightning protection. (Cheaper is always better, but I only want to have to buy one for a while)

HG also says charger must put out at least 2 Joules (I’m doing bipolar) and I’d like to ask them why (mostly just curious and love physics, but is there such a big diff between 2 and 1.8?).


Cyclops – the battery powered “Stallion” near bottom of page, I read their construction description and sounds pretty heavy duty, built in US. (for the science geeks, check out those capacitors!)


TIA!!! :smiley:

I really like my Southern States charger. The first one lasted 15 years.


Thanks – never heard of that one Tom, I will have to look that one up.

I like the Parmac chargers for solar.

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Tom, just found their awesome 3 J one that can be battery OR plug in OR solar, omg love it!!! Thanks!

grayarabpony, a pure solar charger will not put out enough power for my system, however, I will be putting in a solar panel charger later on to keep a deep cycle battery charged. We also have a huge charger at work that may, ahem, travel on weekends…

Parmak. I have a non-solar. But they do have solar ones. Both will put a zap on a head of livestock (or person) touching it.

This is the only brand I get.

I did look at theirs, I think, but for the power I needed, IIRC, they were out of my price range. I will go back and double check.

I don’t even remember which Stafix model we have. It’s been out there for so many years, I’m sure it’s not one of the newer models. I do remember it has an adjustment on the length of time between pulses. We have lightning shunts, but I saw a big blue arc over a gate from a lightning strike, and the fence has never stopped kicking. It’ll even keep kicking if something is laying across the fence which would ground out others.

Make sure it is a low impedance charger with Horseguard. Maybe that is an obvious/dumb thing for me to say. :wink:

Parmak also. So how many miles of electric fence tape are you putting up? some of the solar fence charges far out-perform the rest. Their two models are rated for 25 and 30 miles. That would probably only be on solid wire but they will zing over several miles of tape.


TrotTrot, not dumb at all, they do have charger suggestions and the rep was great about discussing details. Actually, I just placed my fencing order and am pretty excited that it was $150 less than I thought it would be.

Chica, I don’t really look at mileage ratings. I need something with plenty of Joule output, which is where the solars fall short. HorseGuard recommends 2 or higher so you don’t get voltage drop off.