Fence panel dolly?

Is there a product out there that will make moving 6’ x 10’ heavy duty panels around easier? I’d prefer something with wheels that I could set the far end of a panel on so I’m not dragging it across the ground. Any ideas?

We move ours with pallet points on the tractor.

There are panel trailers you can pull behind a vehicle:


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You want to move a single panel at a time? Over a soft area surface ?

We do this as well. It’s very efficient. You can buy some that bolt onto the edge of a FEL for not that much.

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Northern Tools has such, but not sure it works on uneven ground:


Here is one of several such, some with handles:


I have moved even 175# 16’ Powder River panels by myself forever without straining any.
The best way to move panels is to stand with your back to the middle of a panel.
Grab it and lower yourself just a few inches, let the panel lean lightly on your back side, lift and go marching wherever you want to go, the panel easily balanced on your back.

I can move more panels by myself, easier than fighting with one end of a panel wobbling along with someone else fighting it on the other end, walking and jerking it around until you get where you want it.


There used to be something for just this purpose, called the Panel Buddy, but I haven’t been able to find it for sale anywhere so suspect it’s no longer made.


Perhaps you could have one fabricated?

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Yes! That! I would like that!

That’s how I move them.

That’s what I’ve been doing but I’m getting a raw spot on my back.

There are tons of tools for this very task. Literally google “panel dolly” or panel carrier and you’ll get a huge variety of solutions.
If you can ignore the robot voice, this video shows a range of options wit pros and cons: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8nh70PQ94lU

Their #1 choice is this Pentagon Tools panel carrier which probably would be great for you. High weight capacity, and wheels capable of rough terrain. https://www.amazon.com/Pentagon-Tools-83-DT5648-Pusher-Plywood-Doors-Drywall/dp/B075Y3FDPC/ref=asc_df_B075Y3FDPC/