Fenwick Mask for XC?

Hello! I’m wondering if anyone knows if the fenwick titanium masks are legal for xc?
I’ve been using one for my mare who can get nervous outside the ring, and its working wonders for her.

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I saw someone SJ in one last weekend. Not sure if she wore it XC also. But, I’m thinking that if it’s ok for SJ then it’s probably ok for XC

Never assume. I don’t believe it is covered in the national rules. The fall back are the FEI rules (if it’s not covered by USEF you refer to FEI Eventing rules). That type of equipment is legal for show jumping, but is not allowed for XC. Ask the TD when you aren’t sure.

Not allowed FEI at all for xc which tbh I can see their point. It slipping and impacting vision for Sjing is not so consequential as it is for xc.

I believe Elisa Wallace has been using it on one of her horses? So seems like it is allowed.

I tried to find the video that she talked about using it, but I couldn’t. There is a chance I am totally remembering wrong though. Maybe if you want to binge watch some of her youtube, you can find it, but I could be totally off.

Doubt they are allowed, blinders are not and I’m sure after the horse in the ditch incident the shadow rolls will be going next.

I know they supposedly have a calming effect but I don’t see how one is necessary for XC.

The Fenwick masks do not interfere with vision in anyway, as opposed to shadow rolls and blinkers.
They certainly do have a calming effect, and many riders have lots of success with using them. I would much prefer to have a calm, focused horse on XC than one that is anxious and being looky.

I vaguely remember her talking about it as well, but I couldn’t find the video. It does appear that she’s using one on Riot Gear at Rocking Horse

I’m not too worried about it not being FEI legal, we are a long way away from that.

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Yeah they seem like they could easily snag on a jump in the event of a fall. That concerns me. If they work hey that’s great. Doesn’t seem Safe for XC imo.

Can you try the ear bonnet? I’ve similar success with both products and we know the bonnet is allowed.

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The rules state that if something isn’t mentioned specifically in the national rules, then the default is whatever it says in the FEI rules. Since the FEI rules state they aren’t allowed for xc (the Use of Tack, Equipment and Dress manual states for Risk Management concerns) then they are not allowed at any National competition.