Feral cat--sad story

On my way to town yesterday, about a mile from my house, I saw a stray cat in the road ahead of me. It was very thin, walking very slowly, and I could see a red mass protruding from its butt. When I came back home, I baited our humane live trap and set it where I had last seen the cat. I thought I would more likely catch a possum or skunk instead of the cat, but when I checked the trap this morning the cat was in it.

I took the cat straight to the vet clinic, where it was sedated and examined. I was hoping this was a female cat with a prolapsed uterus, because that could likely be fixed by spaying. Unfortunately, it was a male cat with a severely prolapsed colon that already had some visible necrosis. The vet said the prolapse was most likely the result of a very heavy parasite load that caused unremitting diarrhea. He thought it would be very difficult to fix this and it had a very poor prognosis. In fact he said he had never seen a prolapse this bad on a cat. He said euthanasia was the only humane choice.

This little death made me cry. Such a sad little life, and I couldn’t help. I took the body home and we buried him with our other pets. When we buried him I was hearing the old Bob Dylan song:

“I see my light come shining
From the west down to the east
Any day now, any day now
I shall be released.”


I’m so sorry. Thank you, thank you, thank you for caring enough to give him a kind exit.


What a blessing that you did all you did for him. He was so lucky to be spotted by you, so you could end his suffering.


Thank you for your kindness to him.


I’m so sorry, but thank you for everything you did for this poor kitty. At least he knew one day of kindness in his life.


Thank for for helping him and ensuring that he didn’t spend more time suffering.


Thank you @OzarksRider for doing right by this stray! You gave him a peaceful passing! In the end, sometimes that is the best we can do! Sending jingles and virtual (((((HUGS)))))!


What the others said, thank you for being so kind and giving him so much kindness and mercy.


What a kindness for a kitty who really needed your help that day :heart:


You’re a good egg @OzarksRider.

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That poor kitty. Thank you for your kindness.

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I’m so sorry. Thank you for giving him a kind ending. :heart:

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Thank you for caring and helping this poor feral ~

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How sad, but thank you for caring about the kitty and giving him a peaceful and humane passing.:cry:

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Bless you for your kindness.

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You have a good heart. He’ll wait for you. At least now he has someone to wait for.


Thank you for ending his suffering.

You are a wonderful person.