Feral cat with injured eye

I have been trying to live trap an unfixed male feral cat. I think he has been getting in fights and one of his eyes looks nasty. I don’t see him everyday and I think someone else is feeding him too.

I cannot catch him in a live trap! I have tried tuna, wet cat food, dry cat food and even chicken and noodles. I would like to get him to the vet for neutering and an exam but nothing I try works. I keep catching a raccoon (I think it is the same one each time) nothing is working! I’ve also tried setting multiple traps-more raccoons!

I’ve called my Vet’s office to see if I could put antibiotics on the food to help this poor cat’s eye heal. They are supposed to get back to me on that as well as some local cat rescue groups who have better luck in trapping.

I see this cat about once or twice a week and have been putting food out (no trap) so he has something to eat and set up a shelter for him during this cold spell. He will eat if it’s not in the trap. (When I set up the trap I do not put extra food out)

Any thoughts or suggestions?

Have you tried baiting but not setting the trap you have, to get him comfortable going into it? Prop up the door, put the food just barely into the entrance and see if he’ll eat. Move it back slowly until he’s willing to go in, and then set the trap once he’s trusting.

Or, a drop trap? They’re often used on trap savvy cats. https://www.neighborhoodcats.org/how-to-tnr/trapping/drop-traps

I like the drop trap! I’ve put food close to the live trap I have but he seems to not want anything to do with it and the raccoons will come up and eat the food. He doesn’t seem scared of them and they definitely aren’t afraid of him. He seems to be a bit older too, maybe 5 yrs old?

I’m definitely going to look into the drop trap! Thanks for the suggestion!

Probably figures the raccoons are his buddies :rofl:

Thanks for caring about this guy! Hope you’re able to get him soon.