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Festival of Champions

Looking at the scores and wow, there seems to be a big disconnect with one of the judges. It will be interesting to see if this evens out.

Yes, that’s quite a disconnect.

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The 1st place horse ridden by a Christian somebody didn’t deserve the 72% score.

My opinion. Fight me! :rofl:

Jorst on Federle I liked.

Everyone’s entitled to an opinion. I didn’t see the ride, but all the judges did.

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Judges, schmudges. Ick has often been rewarded.

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Bill Warren gave that ride a 75%. That’s pretty “lucky” I guess. I like the saying that luck is where preparation meets opportunity.

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not to sidetrack, but charlotte jorst is an amateur? why did i think she was a pro?

Jorst rides in the Open division but does not meet the definition of a pro. She doesn’t get paid to train horses or riders. Alice Trajan is another highly skilled amateur.

ETA: I admire them both highly


The horse was a leg mover. There were better rides.

The top 5 rides were scored close together.

Bill was at C and gave 73.6. Mike was the 75% at M. The individual scores were very similar with the exception of a volte. It was the only movement that had a 2 point score variation. The others were at most 1.5.


Indeed, I read it incorrectly. Thanks for the catch.

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Both make a shit ton of money selling their personal horses. It’s a loophole. They are only technically “amateurs” and I personally think it is unsporting for them to show in that division.


How so?

Look at the highlighted placings.

I am looking at them. These are placings, not the actual test scores. If the scores are close and placings are based on numbers out in the 2nd decimal then the placings might be an artifact of the math.

Anyone have the FoxVillage scores?


results/scores can be found here https://equestrian-hub.com/public/show/184925/competition/dressage/2415459

Alice actually rides all her young horses and yes, has money and buys nice horses that she does often sell. Are you sure she makes money? As you know the cost of training etc. has to be factored in.
I don’t begrudge her success at all.


This one stands out in its disparity.


I’m not sure it is super out of whack. The highlighted scores are all within 5 percentage points, which is only 0.5 difference per movement. That’s not a giant discrepancy.

Different judges with their own scale and seated at different positions will see things differently and score based on that.

It looks like Natalie Lamping was the outlier for both of the scores highlighted. I’ve scribed for her quite a bit. She scores how she scores and isn’t going to get pressured into following the rest of the panel. Without seeing the rides, I can’t make any comment on these particular rides


Oh, I don’t begrudge her success either. I think it’s great! But when you spend your day primarily doing dressage like a professional does, make big money training and selling horses, even though they are your personal ones, and are able to travel to compete to be on a team, it’s kind of gross to continue to compete nationally in the amateur division. I feel the same way about CJ, who is making money because she is a figure in the sport. I think that once people are competing at the very top international levels, they need to ride open. Sort of the opposite of what it was like 50 years ago where they had to be an amateur to ride in the Olympics. Most of those riders at the tope are highly sponsored and it is not anywhere near to what the typical amateur rider experiences. Both she and CJ have very little competition to win year end prizes year after year. I think they are ready to move into the division where they do have competition. It’s healthy for the sport and probably for them.